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  1. Rodeo Mom

    What is EDS?

    Hi, I'm having a relapse of POTS. I've been dealing with it since 2008(?) I'm trying to remain positive because I am grateful that I at least no longer have the chronic pain, fatigue, and migraines to go with it, but I'm so tired of the orthostatic blood pressure taking me away from my life. I've seen some posts mentioning EDS. What is EDS?
  2. Rodeo Mom

    Scary Table Tilt Test

    Hi I'm sorry you are dealing with this. When I had my tilt table test (2010) it was also very uncomfortable, but quick. In fact the doctor almost missed it because after the nurse tilted me back it only took 7 min before I became super flushed, nearly passed out, and my heartrate skyrocketed. The doctor was yelling at her "put her down! put her down!". But I was actually happy because I finally had "failed" a test. They weren't telling me I was "normal". I hope that scary day was worth it, and you are on your way to some relief.