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  1. I used to take it prior to being told I had vasovagal when my doctor told me to stop taking it, 200mg daily. She was concerned about the sudden drop in bp and today she suddenly tells me that it's okay to start taking it again after telling me my cholesterol was high, I told her it was confusion to be now it's okay to take the coq10????
  2. I have a question, I also have high blood pressure and taking all this extra salt for this condition I'm concerned about the salt over load and the spike in my blood pressure, any suggestions... I was taken off my pills for blood pressure by my doctor after the test was positive for pots..
  3. Hi, all haven't had a flu shot in 12 years, very concerned to get both shots with this condition.
  4. So happy to hear this is working for you, I will discuss these options with my doctor and see if there is also hope for me too. Thanks for sharing, not fun being sick
  5. Thanks for the welcome and yes this information and the links were very helpful, thanks again..
  6. Hi my name is Edwina, just joined yesterday and so happy to be here! I was released from the hospital about two weeks ago after fainting a number of times, they told me I had vasovagal and after explaining what it was, I was at first in shock and after it hit me I had this inner feeling that my life would never be the same. Still learning and it is such a welcome release to connect with others here who are also experiencing this condition. I was also told months prior to this news about the vasovagal, that I had a inner ear condition unilateral weakness on the right side which was causing a l
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