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  1. I still don't have a definitive diagnosis of dysautonomia. A big concern of mine is the extent of fatigue and muscle weekness. Nit enough strength to cut a piece dinner meat. Does anyone experience this magnitude and what caused this? thanks
  2. i am wondering how do you cope with symptoms while away from home? Do you take vacation trips? Making commitments then having to cancel. Need suggestions. thanks
  3. Hi Kim, Does your BP go up as well as your heart rate? Because I see where some people BP goes real low? Has it ever caused you extreme fatigue/ exhaustion! Were you diagnosed with anxiety as well? Have you ever taken an SSRI or benzodiazepine? I take an SSRI and got off benzodiazepine two years ago.
  4. I think I have had it for years and was misdiagnosed as having anxiety for 19 years. Symptoms this time was extreme fatigue and positional heart rate and bp not sure if it's because I'm older now 52. Cardiologist knew what I had after explaining symptoms after tests. Thank you for your kind words and tips.
  5. Hi Everyone, This diagnosis is new to me. I've been healthy most of my life . I've been told I had anxiety many times with symptoms over the years. I began having fatigue a month ago and not feeling well, some anxiety. Four days ago I was totally exhausted. Didn't have enough energy to put my makeup on. My heart rate and blood pressure rises upon position change. All blood work and EKG and echocardiogram normal. The cardiologist has diagnosed me with dysautonomia. I have halter monitor and will do stress test. If those are normal then I suppose it's dysautonomia. I'm taking a beta blocker and I am starting to feel better, energy slowly coming back. Does anyone have same symptoms as me and what is treatments? Also, any successes. Are you ever able to get off the beta blocker? I need reassurance this won't kill me. Thank you !
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