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  1. What a nightmare. I'm glad you seem to be approaching some sort of resolution. I have a suggestion for your transportation issue. Have you looked into para-transit? If you are unable a use the city bus system, they are required to provide an alternative. You might be eligible for door-to-door taxi service at a bus fare price. It is a bit of a bother, and you have to plan ahead and make reservations for all your trips. But it is a great service.
  2. Medicare, along with Medicare Advantage, have a special rule. They are only allowed to approve medicine that is on the FDA list of treatments, and only for the treatments that the FDA lists. They are not allowed to use peer reviewed studies. This is a real problem for those of us who have a condition with no FDA approved treatments. Legislation has been passed to correct this, but only if the condition is cancer. All other conditions have to follow the FDA list. Medicaid does not have this requirement. Private insurance is whatever it wants to be that day.
  3. I am so much more functional with modafinil, but my current insurance wouldn't cover it. Then I discovered goodrx.com. With a free coupon, and using the right drug store chain, I can get it for just under $40. We have the world's stupidest health care system. While trying to find a way to get back on modafinil, I ran across prices from $37 to $850 to $1100. Prices for an established generic drug should not vary that wildly.
  4. I've decided that I am an incandescent light bulb. I waste a lot of energy by producing unwanted heat. I get those symptoms whenever I use energy. It's amazing how many things require a lot of energy. Standing is a big one. I get hot and tingly after a couple of minutes of standing. Thinking and talking also requires a lot of energy. Conversations often give me a problem. I need to take mental rests during a conversation to keep from feeling like I am about to faint.
  5. I've had this as well. It's always stale cigarette smoke. Various doctors looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned it. I have never gotten an explanation, but I suspect that it might be anxiety based. It seems to happen mostly when I am anxious, and it happens much less often since I've removed many sources of stress from my life. But I can't be sure.
  6. I've always felt better after a vacation. It's hard to say if it's getting away from everyday responsibilities, or something else.
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