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  1. mehganb81, do you see the same Dr as Kalamazoo? How often are you guys going for follow-up appointments? I'm wondering if I got dumped by my neurologist in Kirkland. It's been radio silence for 2 months. The receptionist/MA says he's still got my file, but I'm not sure I can deal without any communication. Did you find a neurologist as well, since you're seeing a cardiologist at UW? What did he end up going by, since you said your symptoms weren't straightforward for POTS?
  2. I was thinking about you and wondered if you'd heard back from your UW docs yet. I'm still waiting to hear back from mine. At this point, I'm not impressed with his communication skills Supposedly, he's looking into vagus nerve symptoms and how it might tie in to my AI disease. But maybe he just blew me off and I need a new neurologist. Guess I'll have to chase him down and get some answers. Hope you're doing ok. Are you still having a heat wave over there? I can't wait for cooler temps, I feel so much better in fall!
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