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  1. Hi! Yes I did see a neurologist last year....here in canada medecine is not very good when it comes to concussions....I am followed b y a sport physician ( excellent, he is the olympic team doctor), a cardiologist, a neurologist and an internist..... and of course by my family doctor. I am going to do a bit of reading on PAF as well.... I am amazed by what you are telling me about your friend who is an ophtalmologist...I wish there were more litterature
  2. I went ot the ophtalmologist last year..But she said it could be the concussion but most likely would be due to stress...I live in quebec, and we have something called CSST. IT's a no fault programm that assures you get a salary if you have a work accident....The CSST accpeted my diagnostic, however, my employer is now contesting because they say the dysaunotomia is not linked to my work accident....Of course it is....I have all the best doctors in canada who can testify...but still I cannot be sure of the outcome..and it could lead my family to bankrupcy....So I am trying to prove my dys
  3. I have been disgnosed with pots syndrom more than a year ago. I've always had the same symtoms...However, for the past 6 months i've been having major problems with my eyes. It stared with one of my eye's retina. It was a light retinal detachment. Then, I started having problem with my view. So, last month I went to see an optpmetrist and ended up with glasses...There seems to be a problem with the muscles of my eyes. I used t have a very good view. never needed glasses...Of course for the past two years I've been having problems with my vision....such has a blurry vision ....etc.... My
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