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  1. So I started taking a SNRI and it is helping keep alleviate the heat intolerance and giving me more stamina (less symptoms). I can walk around the mall and do simple household tasks. I can even be outside in heat for short periods of time and I have started sweating again! Who thought anyone would ever be happy about that? Now the dr would like to add Toprol XL 25 daily. I know this is a low dose. Anything I should watch for or be aware of before I take it?
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I was thinking of getting one of the cooling neck wraps and experimenting with it. Disguising it with a scarf is a great idea. Does anyone know if there are any meds specific for helping with lack of sweating? My Dr has also thought of trying Florinef?
  3. Hi everyone. I hope you can guide me. I developed dysautonomia after being diagnosed with Lyme and Bartonella. I have had symptoms for about 9 months but they have decreased significantly with my treatment. I am no longer on antbiotics but still have lingering symptoms of dizziness and imbalance after standing for more than 30 min, exercise intolerance and my biggest one heat intolerance. As soon as I go outside in the heat (about 70 degrees or more) I immediately get dizzy, short of breath, heart palps, head pressure, flushing and basically feeling like I am going to die. I notice that I don't sweat like I used to (which was profusely). In a few weeks my daughter is receiving an award at school. The ceremony is inside of the non air conditioned gym. Does anyone have ANY suggestions on how to deal with the heat or what helped them with this symptom? I am desperate not only for this occasion but for the whole summer. I am terrified to leave the house. My dr is considering adding an SNRI to help calm my system. When I take a benzo it helps calm the other symptoms but not the heat intolerance and I dont use them daily, only in "emergency" situations like having to go to an event when I will be walking or standing for long periods of time. I don't know what "kind" of dysautonomia I have. I have never been officially tested. Thanks for your help!
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