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  1. Wow I was starting to feel like I was the only one I read people on here that say when they're laying down their heart rates like between 70 and 80 and even when I'm laying down mine can pop up sometimes it'll go from 75 to 97 or higher into the 104 and then it back down it's constantly just popping up down up down
  2. My heart is always fluctuating within seconds 90, 100, 89, 94, 85, 104 Like this does anyone else's heart do this? I'm getting to where I watch pulse oximeter all the time.
  3. My heart is always fluctuating like 90 then 96 then 104 then 87 it does this in seconds continually Does anyone else's do this please let me know is terrifying.
  4. Does anyone have low systolic and high dystolic Standing 4 minutes 108 over 94
  5. I have jumping rates as well, I am dealing with low while resting right now 55 can jump to 100 just rolling over
  6. I'm feel so bad for her this is horrible tell her to stay tough and good luck I will keep her in my prayers
  7. Did the cardiologists do a complete workup, echo, EKG, stress test, ct, and holster monitor to rule out cardiac? Her symptoms sound like pots but it is important to make sure heart is sound My heart runs 69 to 90 during day 90 to 150 standing At night can run in low 60's and high 50's Find a cardiologist or neurologist that is trained in autonomic dysfunction Google it in your area and get her in Any questions ask will do my best to answer
  8. I guess it somewhat helps at least cuts the edge off of being stressed about my symptoms
  9. Tell me Kim does your heart rate fluctuate even at rest and do you get blood pressure fluctuations as well
  10. Nowhere yet cardiologist did EKG, stress test, ct with iodine, electrocardiogram, holter monitor for 14 days all good just pvc' s and pac's said they were Benin Heart rate went up to 125 while standing said I had autonomic dysfunction gave me paxil and sent me home.
  11. Hello I recently was diagnosed with autonomic dysfunction it sounds like pots from what I read here I get fluctuations of heart rate from 69 to 90 while resting Standing my heart goes anywhere from 110 to 150 Is this normal for you guys as well, I feel horrible like my life is falling apart. Can't take beta blockers because make heart rate to low. Just can't function well has anyone gotten on ssi benefits for this? And is your heart rate always bouncing too? My doctor says it won't kill me but it is really scary I am 47 yr old male had surgery in December they think that is where it came from.
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