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  1. Im dx'd with clonal mast cell disorder and have had years of anxiety before being treated. I'd wake in the night and have anxiety attacks, feeling like I wanted to pace the floor to avoid focusing on my anxiety. Benzodiazapines would be great as far as curbing anxietys' wrath, but my imunologist doesnt want to prescribe them for reular use. so I take one only when doing something stressful like doctor/dental procedures or a big flare. I sure sleep so much better when I take one. I take Doxepin before bed which helps, and its antihistamine properties help too.
  2. Hi to all! I have mast cell disease and dysautonomia. Id like to enjoy the benefits of bone broth, but I cant cook meats for hours at a low temperature, in a moist environment as it creates glutamate, a trigger for mast cell paients. i wonder if soups cooked quickly, boiled and served, would be of benefit? regards, Ken
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