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    Trying to find a cure for myself lol
  1. Please don't judge need advice

    For all of you using cafine for the vasoconstriction aspect . Is the caffeine affecting your heart rate or making you more tachy? I've been curious about trying this but don't need the tachy....
  2. Pots and coronary artery disease

    That's something to ask your cardiologist....
  3. Another Dysautonomia VS mast cell question?

    Do you have pots ? When you had the episode did you check what your heart rate was ? I've had similar episodes with pots ,but it's usually my hr is super high ....
  4. A question about POTS improvement times

    It just depends on the individual. I was diagnosed in Dec 2016 at Mayo , so it's been about 6 months and I haven't had any improvement. I think I'm actually worse..
  5. Sodium and acid reflux

    That is some high blood pressure . Does his heart rate increase a lot when standing or just the blood pressure ? If I stand in place my hr shoots right up but not much BP increase....
  6. POTS & now Bradycardia

    Wow that's low , anything below 50 is kinda scary. What did your doc say about these results ? Are you still taking propranolol with that low hr ?
  7. POTS & now Bradycardia

    I have been having this lately myself . My hr is high all day and then at night my hr goes into the low 50s . If it gets around 50 or lower I just sit up or try to eat and drink something . Usually brings it up a's strange when your heart does the opposite of what you're used to with pots.
  8. Pituitary Tumour and Apoplexy

    Sorry to hear this happened to you ,sounds scary. My doctor just recently started testing me for possible pituitary abnormalities . I don't have headaches much but have had some vision disturbances.
  9. What did they say when you went to the ER ? Did they do anything to help your breathing?
  10. Cause for pots/cfs - chronic lyme?

    I agree , there is always a root cause to how we got sick . People are not born with pots . We were all normal people at one point in our lives. It disturbs me when physicians just want to treat the symptoms of pots but not try to dig further to see what caused it .
  11. Beta blockers and dizziness/fatigue

    Ive tried a couple different beta blockers but couldn't handle the side effects . Made me feel more weak and sick .
  12. Calcium channel blocker

    Calcium channel blockers are not usually prescribed to pots patients, they don't do much to lower heart rate . Mostly prescribed for people with arithmias and afib and to lower blood pressure. Propranolol is a non cardiac specific beta blocker ,so it can mess with your breathing . I was on it and works great to control heart rate ,but I had breathing problems also . Cardiac specific beta blockers usually don't cause breathing issues.
  13. IV Saline and POTS

    I've had IVs many times in the er . I really feel no better afterwords. I still feel like garbage. My hr still takes off as soon as I stand up. Are you guys getting lower hr rates after your IVs ?
  14. Doing worse. Ideas?

    Do you have pots ? Does the ivabradine help with your standing heart rate ?
  15. Heart fluctuations at rest

    I'm in AZ also ,sent you a pm.