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  1. I haven't been diagnosed with anything, really. I will definitely check my blood pressure on the next occurence. What type of physician treats dysautonomia?
  2. Hello All, I am a 34 year old female that has had issues since I started kindergarten. When I started school and had to wake up early, I would have sweating, shaking, horrible nausea, and stomach pain that lasted until I threw up. Immediately after vomiting, I would feel instant relief. I got smart and would go to school, know I needed to throw up to feel better so I would, then the teacher would send me home. As soon as my mom came to pick me up, I would be fine. She took me to my pediatrician and they ordered a barium swallow, which came back normal. They said "she just doesn't do mornings well." Whenever we would leave for family vacation early, you could set your watch that I would be sick. Once I was older, I noticed other things set this off. One day I was at a gym class with some friends, and while doing easy exercises, I got that hot feeling and ran to the bathroom. I started feeling my skin burn with heat, and I had to take off my clothes and lay on the cold bathroom floor. I felt weak as water and threw up everything in my stomach. I also have the urge to go to the bathroom. Once I felt strong enough to stand up, I looked in the mirror and was as pale as a piece of cotton. It also happened one night at night class in college. I started hearing a buzzing sound in my ear and felt the wave of nausea hit, I ran to the bathroom and again had to take off my clothes and cling to the toilet wishing I could throw up. For the first and only time, I had tunnel vision and felt like I was going to black out. I've never experienced that symptom before or since. Please note I was at a good weight and tried to be active, however after the gym scare, I was afraid of exercising. I ended up going to a GI doc and he sent me for a stomach emptying test. It came back showing gastroparesis. I also mentioned my blood sugar seemed to get low quite often and I'd feel jittery. He quickly sent me to an endocrinologist and said it sounded like a diabetes issue. The endocrinologist put me in the hospital with a picc line and made me go 3 days with no food, only hospital water to measure my sugar. It went to 60 and averaged out. He said I needed to eat small meals throughout the day, no sugar, etc. He basically dismissed it at that, and he ended up moving away and we had no other endocrinologist where I live. Please note, at age 18 I started seeing a reproductive endocrinologist for polycystic ovarian syndrome, and that too can cause insulin resistance and wreak havoc on your body. During one set of labs, my cortisol level came back very low. The RE started me on cortef but I didn't see any change in the nausea/shaking/morning issues. He checked it several times after that and it was in normal range, even when off the cortef, so that kind of ended that trail. Fast forward to now, and I have 2 small beautiful children who are very active. I have noticed what once was a morning ordeal is now starting to happen throughout the day. I had back surgery for herniated disc and compressed nerve this past Thursday, and yesterday I woke up hot, shaking, pale, and had a hard time with vomiting and diarrhea. My mom was hear and witnessed it firsthand and called my family doctor. After throwing up, I as always felt better. Even before surgery I missed 2 days in 2 weeks of work because of this. No doctor seems to have the right answers and they end up passing me from one doc to the next, and I always end up falling threw the cracks. I have no idea if this is damaging my body or not. I don't know what my blood pressure or heart rate is when an episode occurs, because by the time I get to the doctor it's passed. Any and all advice/suggestions is appreciated!
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