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  1. Thank you yogini. He has an appointment with his cardiologist shortly. We'll ask about that. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome
  2. Does anyone have experience with a dual diagnosis of POTS and Autism in a teenager? We have a 16 year old boy on the spectrum. He is verbal and high functioning. He was diagnosed with POTS in late 2015 and we've seen increased violent meltdowns ever since the diagnosis that have resulted in half a dozen ER visits for psychiatric evaluation. The latest incident was 4 days ago. Early on he was prescribed Florinef and that seemed to help a lot with many of the symptoms (back pains, stomach pains and general exhaustion). He is still taking it, but lately a lot of the fatigue, stomach aches and headaches have begun to return. I'm becoming increasingly convinced that the POTS symptoms are setting him off and he's just unable to verbalize the anxiety, so he acts out violently. It's like a switch goes off in his brain and he turns into a different person. This can last for 30 minutes. It can last for hours. He is able to speak, but he has a tough time being very specific about the discomfort and the prescribed Adavan doesn't seem to help him, which makes me think it's the POTS, since Adavan isn't going to address any of his POTS symptoms. I'm not looking for any specific answers. Just trying to gain some insight into this dual diagnosis. Very frustrating to see your child suffer like this and mom is getting afraid to be alone with him lately. The POTS hit him like a ton of bricks. I've never seen such a drastic change in personality before. It was like he fell ill overnight. That quick.
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