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  1. Hi! Everyone, I am new here. I have a question about IVIG. I know everyone reacts differently, but hoping for some understanding. Two weeks ago I went in for IVIG. 15 minutes into it at a rate of 75mL/hr, I felt tightness in my chest, tachycardia, difficulty breathing and it led into a simple partial seizure. (I have those). Anyhow, I can have all those symptoms leading up to a seizure and wasn't sure if it was the IVIG or not. Well, my Dr. wasn't on campus, so they canceled and rescheduled it for this week when she would be here. Yesterday went pretty well. They had to stop it a few times because of tachycardia and back pain, no big deal. After I got home I had the flu feeling, nausea, back pain and headache. Again, no big deal. Well, I go in today and they start me at 50mL/hr. An hour into it I started feeling pressure in my upper chest, neck and head. Then I started feeling really hot. I waited a few minutes before saying anything. They stopped it and waited 20 minutes, but the pressure in my neck and head continued. After an hour they said they canceled the rest of the week and told my Dr. IVIG isn't for me. I was surprised they didn't just stop it for the day. I still have some pressure but the tylenol/ibuprofen have helped some and I am running a low grade fever. Is this a normal procedure to just stop all IVIG like that? If I don't have this as an option, what other options are out there? I am worried my Neuro will give up on me since it didn't work. Thanks in advance
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