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About Me

Hey all!

I am yet to be diagnosed.

Currently living near Sacramento, CA 

I believe I have POTS, EDS3, and MCAS

Pots symptoms include: resting HR 60-70's, standing 115-120, minor exertion 165+. I've noted minor increase in BP on home bp cuff. Severe migraines, tunnel vision on standing, fatigue, nausea, blood pooling, chest pain, shortness of breath, and adrenaline surges, oh and, memory problems (but hey..at least I can watch the same movie for the first time twice) I have fainted probably 6 times since my teens (I'm 24) most recently while having my blood drawn (yuck)

EDS3: 8/9 on Beighton scale (-1 for a wrist I have horrible pain in, probably because of eds? Lol) suspecting osteoarthritis in wrists. Dry velvety skin. Cracking and popping joints. Shoulder instability, Subluxation of left shoulder 3 times, sacroiliac joint issues, back pain, falling arches (xray showed the foot bones aren't connected and will eventually collapse, yay.) Raynauds phenomenon, varicose veins, bruise easily, teeth crowding, constant muscle tears (I'm talking to you, knee.) Near-sighted & astigmatism. Definitely some heart problems mixed in there but those have yet to be fully identified. Is that it? Probably not xP

MCAS: I'm on the fence about this one? But I've gotten hives from drinking alcohol a handful of times, don't tolerate alcohol anyway so not too big a deal. Randomly I will have allergic reactions to food and I can't find a relation to a specific food but will get itchy throat, sometimes burning tongue and often a visual reaction on my tongue as well. Don't tolerate perfumes or lotions whatsoever. Hypersensitive to sights & smells. Itchy constantly (always scratch so hard I bruise..very funny, EDS and mcas. Very funny guys). I had shingles once at a very young age (around 12?)

I learned about POTS by watching a video about a girl with a service dog who reminded me a lot of...me! Lmao! I always thought I just had an absolutely terrible immune system with the constant illnesses! (Could still be true, I suppose!) Then I came across this wonderful site and suddenly, everything made sense. 

Feel free to message me!

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