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  1. I've been on midodrine for 8 years. It's a miracle drug for me! I have hypotension that drops even lower with position changes. Most of my side effects went away after a few months - my body just needed time to adjust. I still get restless legs and goosebumps occasionally. I'd say give it some time and keep track of your BP when you're experiencing symptoms.
  2. I am looking for doctors in South Florida. I already have an EP and possibly a cardiologist if he can squeeze me in. I've been managing with my EP for quite a while. My previous doctors were pediatric-based and not very familar with Dysautonomia. I'm looking for an Autonomic Neurologist Allergist/Nutritionist - food intolerances Pulmonologist Endocrinologist Gastroenterologist General practitioner with an understanding of Dysautonomia/POTS/NCP, etc. I'd prefer not to go north of West Palm Beach if possible - but I would be willing to for a well versed doctor. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!