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  1. @Weary I had the same test minus aA1 and came back negative on all of them. I was just outside the at risk range on M3 and M4, which come up in some POTS papers and A1 is of course the main one so make of that what you will.
  2. Virus gets into b cells, causes autoimmunity against alpha/beta adrenergic and muscarinic receptors. There currently is only one place to get this test, which im trying to do.
  3. You seem to be doing alot good but I would still recommend checking out kruse
  4. Basically we need a lot of sun light , unfortunately at high latitudes it's hard to get. I benefit from vielight 810, reptile lights and natural light. I highly recommend reading jack kruses work. Cold thermogenesis provided benefits and negatives.
  5. I had this to the point I was in hospital for a month, it was UNBEARABLE. Improved with propanolol and mirtazapine. You may also want to look at ivabradine, magnesium, light (specifically red) and cold.
  6. Cool, so what did they use to diagnose you and what are they using to treat you.
  7. I think it's very promising and absolutely believe in being able to diagnose from the bodies fields. What have they done so far and what symptoms have improved?
  8. Yes unfortunately our experiences seem common to most with these problems.
  9. Yes I understand this somewhat from normal doctors but not pots! Thing is I don't even act anxious. Frustrating.
  10. I understand what you're saying however the doctor who has diagnosed me, without seeing me, with anxiety IS a pots specialist, and the only one in my area.
  11. Thanks TCP, I may do that or I may request to see the specialist in person, instead of his nurse.
  12. Thanks Corina, I'm fairly sure they would dismiss the list or worst view it as a sign of hypercondria. Besides my heart rate is more stable with the drugs. However my symptoms are all still here.
  13. Hey, I took a tilt table test a while back. The result was: Laying down: 110 bpm Upright: 145bpm I was on Mirtazapine and Propanolol with the test. Dx for pots is a raise in bpm by 30 from lying to standing (check) OR over 120bpm on standing (check). I have recently received a letter from the nurse of the POTS specialist saying that the specialist (whom I have never met) has diagnosed me with anxiety and hyperventilation!? I can say for sure that I would bet my life on not having anxiety. I know what anxiety feels like and I know I am no more anxious now than I was when I got ill, after a virus. I have fully commited to things like meditation, deep breathing, electric stimulation, ASMR, etc and have noticed almost no improvement in my symptoms. Furthermore, last time I was in hospital I was cleared by the psycologist from having any problems. I can only think that he has looked at my past notes and found that other doctors have diagnosed me with this in the past when I was unaware of what POTS was. I find it mind boggling that he has Dx me with anxiety without having ever met me... Last time I met and talked with his nurse. I am going again soon to see, I presume, this nurse again. What can I do to turn this around? I am struggling big time physically and without treatment for this I am in BIG trouble. Thanks, Sean.
  14. Thank you. I am reasured. I have already adapted deep breathing and meditation into my bag of tricks, it is useful. It's just difficult to fully trust it won't happen, it's our life and we only need to be wrong once...
  15. @Katybug thank you. It's reassuring however I am still worried it's possible as I have been really pushing through it for 5yrs now, working when heart was constantly pounding hard 130bpm+ all day. I knew something serious was up but didn't know what and needed money. Suprised I wasn't fired. Also I have been progressively getting worse with this and nothing is stopping my decline. If I get any worse I cannot see my body being able to cope.
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