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  1. Hi all,I have hEDS, Chiari malformation, mast cell problems, celiac disease + a few others. For years, I've had fatigue, syncope/pre-syncope, blood pressure and heart rate issues - my usual blood pressure was 90/60 and would frequently drop, especially during mast cell reactions. Multiple doctors have theorized dysautonomia was the cause, and 2 years ago a doctor diagnosed me with orthostatic hypotension. Last week, after waiting almost a year, the doc called me up to have a tilt table done.There was 15 minutes of standing, then another 15 minutes of standing while they administered isoprotere
  2. Hi everyone! I've been relentlessly googling as the waitlist to see an autonomic specialist in my country is a few years long and I figured I better educate myself while I wait. I've been sick for most of my life but other symptoms/issues took the forefront and my autonomic symptoms were never my biggest complaint - until recently, when they've begun to ruin my life and I had to stop working. Because I have EDS-hypermobility and a provisional MCAS diagnosis, I've been referred to the autonomic specialist for POTS testing as they usually go hand in hand. But in my research about POTS, I ca
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