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  1. I had a CTA back in April when I was admitted to the hospital for "cardiac issues." They originally thought I may have had a PE but ended up being POTS. So I'm wondering if they will repeat the CT. I haven't heard anything from my POTS specialist, and I'll see him September 15 for a review of all my results and a treatment plan. I'm tired all of the time, even after sleeping for 9+ hours every night. I originally started with GI symptoms... Acid reflux constantly, and becoming very breathless after eating any "large" meal. They were thinking I had gastroparesis, but my 4-hour gast
  2. I also had a low pyruvate level 0.1 and normal lactic acid (0.9) level. I also had a calcium channel antibody n-type level of 0.07. My doctor re-drew the paraneoplastic panel so I'm waiting to see what the second test says. I have researched paraneoplastic panels and have some anxiety about this test result. I'm waiting to see my POTS specialist next month to see what my next step is. Any advice for me?
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