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  1. I will reply to all of you tomorrow. Thank you for your input! My tablet needs to be charged and I need to go to bed!
  2. Thank you bombsh3ll. I read a case study from 2017 that successfully used a nitroglycerin patch. I offered to provide my EP cardiologist with this information, but he flat out refused to review the case study or consider ordering this for me. He did tell me that I read too much. I may need to look for a new clinician. Has anyone in this forum with supine tried any of these strategies?
  3. I thank both of you for your responses. What are the other short term drug options for reducing supine hypertension?
  4. I have been advised to consume 64 oz of water and add electrolytes to the water. The EP was not specific as to how many milligrams of sodium and potassium I should consume daily. I called him his office to ask, but I was given a very vague answer. I understand why I am supposed to drink more water and electrolytes, to help increase my blood pressure when standing. I tried using a low dose of Midodrine twice a day. I have supine hypertension. The Midodrine exacerbated my supine hypertension and I started to have headaches, so I stopped taking it. My blood pressure has gone up to 170/100. The EP wasn't concerned about this high number. I take 160 mg of Valsartan at night, but it doesn't seem to help lower my supine blood pressure. My question is, does anyone know if extra water and sodium intake will also increase supine hypertention, in your experience. I realize that we all react differently to non pharmaceutical therapy.
  5. I'm sorry . I entered a reply in the wrong area and my name is appearing on this post above by mistake instead of the person that posted it. . I'm hoping that the person who posted it .com add their name bac.
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