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  1. Like I said homeschooling would be the easy choice. I still have a library in my garage, but since he has homeschooled 4 previous years while his brother was in high school he knows how lonely that can be. We were also in a support group for several years, but since most of their activities were field trips and they are thirty miles away, that's just not a good option. Some things about homeschooling in the country are wonderful. Our boys had several acres of land to roam around on. But you are also pretty isolated. Hoping we can work out a very light load for him, but don't know how flexible the school will be. He was very determined to go back at first, but has been less confident since he started trying to get out and do things.
  2. My 10 year old son started having dysautonomia symptoms in February and was diagnosed with pots in April. He only made it back for a couple days during the last nine weeks of 4th grade. ( Also his 1 st year in public school) So now as August approaches we are starting the decision of going back to homeschool- easy in some ways since I have homeschooled for 16 years or public school -he would really like to be there since his brother is moving to college and home will be lonely, but we are both concerned about how bad it would make his symptoms even if we do only a few afternoons a week. He has just started doing things besides doctor appointments in the last few weeks. He made it to church a few times, had a friend over and went to a family get together...just simple things. He does seem better than a month ago, but it's frustrating to see him do so little and pay for it in exhaustion and physical pain. It makes me concerned that traveling and keeping pace with even a little public school will only slow down his recovery. His main symptoms now are extreme fatigue, headache, brain fog, trouble getting to sleep, body aches, poor memory and of course trycardia. Any words of advise from those who have been down this road before us would be appreciated.
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