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  1. Thank you all so much for your posts and insight. It is scary when things happen to our bodies that are out of the "norm" and we can't control them and no doctor seems to be able to tell us what is happening. Every doctor looks at me like I have two heads lol. I just want to feel better and go back to just dealing with the increased heart rate when standing. Hard to rest when this happens and the anxiety with it is the worst. I woke up again last night to 150 Bpm and did some relaxation breathing and it finally went down but felt sick in the morning and have been feeling off all day now. My bp
  2. Has anyone on here been pregnant while dealing with POTS? Unfortunately my husband and I lost a baby when I was 4 months along due to some unexpected bleeding which caused my water to break. No further explanation was given to us. I will see a high risk doctor the next time around but wanted to see if anyone had any issues with pregnancy or if this is just a fluke situation. I want to get pregnant again soon and am concerned with my heart acting up already that it may make things worse. Beta blockers are not an option until later in the pregnancy so are there any solutions for the first trimes
  3. Recently, after a few weeks of stress, I started experiencing an increase in heart rate at night. My heart can go from mid 60s to 120 from simply rolling over or even just moving my leg. It is so hard to sleep. One morning I woke up to a hr of 160. Not sure if it was a panic attack or just a major increase in my tachycardia. It did come down as a few mins later. Does anyone else experience episodes like this at night? Is this a flare up? It has been about 3 weeks now. I have also done an heart echo which came back normal and am currently wearing a 28 day monitor to see if they can find anythin
  4. I recently saw a well known arrhythmia specialist and he told me that we will always feel worse before we feel better when it comes to working out. He told me that it will take a while before the intolerance goes away. He said that is why it is so hard on many of us because we feel so much worse at first it is hard to push through. He said if you can push yourself in the long run it will make a huge difference. Your heart rate will slow down and we "should" feel a reduction in overall symptoms. That is for those of us who just have POTS. Swimming I heard was a good option and Pilates. Until yo
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