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  1. Mine works the other way too though. You know those sappy coffee commercials where the young man surprises his parents by coming home from the military very early Christmas morning and he wakes everyone up by making coffee? They come down stairs to the smell of good coffee and their son. I cry every time. I'm starting to cry typing this. MAKE IT STOP.
  2. Read the fine print. I don't think Nurse Practitioners count as qualified medical professionals. Mine didn't but maybe they changed the rule. I really hope they changed that rule.
  3. This is me too. I'm also triggered by loud noise. My parents can't hear very well and won't get hearing aids. They are visiting now. They do not understand how this bothers me. The tv is LOUD.
  4. Just a follow up. I got the flu shot October 29th. I take fludrocortisone. I have not had a flare. But everyone is different. I'm hoping flu season is less this year too because of masks, increased attention to hygiene and social distancing. Time will tell. Hope everyone is 'well'.
  5. Do you mean the spread between the two numbers in your BP? Mine is that low but I was told it was no big deal. Now I'm curious.
  6. I also have a hobby of organizing closets. I pull everything out and sort out what needs to be donated, then put it back in. One closet takes a month or so. It makes a huge mess. I don't recommend it. 🤣
  7. I learned to crochet. I do cross stitch. It takes a long time and sometimes I have to put it up for months. I'm working on a huge project and it is taking years. I haven't had it out in a while but hope to pick it back up soon. I also picked up playing hidden object games on my Kindle Fire. It seems to be helping with my memory and my attention span.
  8. So, Hematologist has been wanting to do a bone marrow biopsy for 2 years. I have been resistant. Should I let him if he still wants to do it? They can check Mast Cells there, right? What kinds of tests should we be discussing?
  9. Saw the allergist. He said MCAS is very rare in people with concrete diagnoses that can be quantified with tests. I have Rheumatoid-arthritis. This is why he doesn't believe I have it. Thoughts?
  10. Get copies of everything. It will take time to absorb the info. So much will be thrown at you at once.
  11. You need a Pulmonologist, it sounds like. They may need to run a Pulmonary Functions Test so they can tell what is going on and they may get a high resolution CT. I have what you are talking about and my DLCO is 56% of 'normal'. It is my understanding that it has to do with the gas exchange, ie getting it from the air in your lungs and in to your blood. Also, O2 attaches to red blood cells, so if you are low or your bp is low, it doesn't circulate O2 effectively. My advice, try a Pulmonologist.
  12. Technically aldosterone is produced in the adrenals. Does your kidney doc also treat adrenals? You may need an Endocrinologist.
  13. Just tell people it is a very real possibility and if you start to feel like you are going to faint, don't push it. You may have considerably less time between the warning signs and loss of consciousness. I won't make that mistake again.
  14. I have hyperPOTS. I hope you don't have the same trouble.
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