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  1. Be sure to tell your doctor. Autoimmune diseases go hand in hand with dysautonomia. It could be that, but doesn't have to be. I have Rheumatoid-arthritis and Lupus. They call it Undifferentiated Connective Tissue disease or Mixed Connective Tissue disease.
  2. @UnaOwenAn antianxiety med might not be bad if you can tolerate it... not because it is necessarily anxiety, but because it can smooth out your sympathetic nervous system's response to things. I'm starting to think we are frequently diagnosed with anxiety because these meds accidentally often work, not because it is actually anxiety. Frustrating coincidence... Your situation may be like mine. My disease progressed so more medication was needed. Stopping my beta blocker was a disaster. It hadn't stopped working. Hope you find the right answer for you.
  3. I take Fludrocortisone and ibuprofen. Maybe it was specifically for you? Or has nobody told me the last 12 years?
  4. My problems go between high and low. They have decided I have an overreactive sympathetic nervous symptom. For me it isn't panic or anxiety related, but those types of drugs can calm the sympathetic nervous system in some. We tried one that was a Mu Inhibitor and it was very bad for me (my bp dropped too low to walk). We are trying a drug called Elavil now. It helps, but hasn't solved it yet, but we are starting with a low dose. I'm going to go up on it soon. Maybe your issue isn't anxiety as much as it is your body's response to stimuli. Sometimes it can be hard to discern between the tw
  5. So, Doxepin is a Mu Inhibitor. It turns out Mu Inhibitors are considered Intolerable Agents for some with POTS.
  6. The sodium levels in my blood are low and concerning to my doctors. I now have my primary, cardio, Rheumatologist, and endocrinologist collaborating to come up with a solution. My urine output doesn't seem to be high, but a 24 hour urine collection may be in my near future.
  7. I'm having trouble getting the sodium to stay in my body. I'm taking sodium pills, drinking electrolytes and putting salt on food. What is going on here?
  8. Free health care scares me so much. I hope you can get help. I know people in the UK and Canada who have had to do self pay to get help. If you have something weird or time sensitive this type of system doesn't seem to work. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, it probably works.
  9. My nausea was caused by gastroparesis. It gets worse when I stand up. I have ear fullness and migraines but have not found a solution. My dizziness is also constant and gets better when I get off my feet. I don't really have any answers for you.
  10. The dark circles around my eyes are legendary. My friends say I look like a raccoon. I don't wear eyeshadow when I wear makeup because I always look like I have dark shadow on.
  11. The theory with mine is over-reaction of the sympathetic nervous system.
  12. Yes. I am totally wiped out from going to the store and I still need a shower before bed. I didn't wash my hair. Didn't have the energy. Have to do that today. People act like all I have to do is run to the store. No, it is a huge ordeal to get me back to 'normal'.
  13. I drank 3 bottles of water. I will still be dehydrated tomorrow.
  14. I stand for long and I am soaking, I mean dripping, wet. My hair looks like I just came in from the rain. I just got back from the grocery store. Everything I wore is soaked, my makeup ran and my hair is still wet. I've been home for 3 hours. If you find a solution to this, please tell me. People look at me and ask me if I'm ok all the time.
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