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  1. Have they checked for autoimmune diseases? I'm sure Vandy will if nobody does first. Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scleroderma can do that. I'm sure there are others.
  2. Go pass out at the doctor's office. Cause a commotion when it happens. Do it multiple times. I passed out in my doctor's offices and for liability reasons they have to document it. THIS WAS CITED IN MY DISABILITY APPROVAL AS A REASON THAT I COULDN'T WORK. It stinks this is what it takes, but medical professionals witnessing this problem repeatedly will help you in the long run.
  3. Get another attorney. That is a lazy attorney. They won't charge you less if you fill out the first set of paperwork by yourself, right? Do they charge a flat rate or a %? Mine wanted to fill out the paperwork so it made the fight easier. Once it goes on paper to Social Security, it is evidence. Most make you fill out the paperwork, but the good ones don't. I paid a % of my payout if I was approved. It was worth every penny. It is a LOT of paperwork for a healthy person to handle. How is a sick person supposed to do it all correctly? What state are you in?
  4. I strongly advise you to get an attorney. It took 4 years WITH an attorney for mine to be approved. My attorney filled all of this out for me.
  5. Today I am back to feeling tiny little spasms in my abdomen. It is like I am in a perpetual situp/crunch. All of my muscles are doing it really. I didn't know it until the valium stopped it. The absence of pain was overwhelming. Oh well. Back to real life.
  6. I went from constipation and feeling spasms to no spasms and regular movements. It only lasted about 24 hours, but it was nice. It had been so long I had forgotten what 'normal' felt like. My stomach didn't hurt. My muscles settled down. They suspect that I have small fiber neuropathy but I didn't feel that crampy feeling. It was almost like total relief.
  7. Anybody have improvements of digestive issues with valium? I took some yesterday with interesting results.
  8. @toomanyproblems I have an MRCP and will be on valium. Take your time. 😉
  9. May 21st? Honestly, that is pretty quick. My appointments took 6 months. Glad you found someone.
  10. @toomanyproblems so, what is megaloblastic anemia and thrombocytopenia? Are these relevant or coincidental and not contributing to my current mess? Secondary erythroid hyperplasia? All of this came from a bone marrow biopsy they did years ago. I have refused another one because I don't think there has been a significant enough change in my health to warrant it. I have an autoimmune disease if that is relevant. IGG is 'highly' elevated whatever highly means. One of my doctors said that the 'normal' ranges on many of these tests were established years ago when it was not common to include many women as test subjects. She also said 'normal' for men and women can be very different on some things like thyroid. What is your opinion on this? This is where stuff gets too complex for me.
  11. I have HyperPOTS and my MCV is high too. Also treated for pernicious anemia with oral B12 and MCV still elevated. Don't know how this is tied in, but your post caught my eye.
  12. Ok. Mine was a POTS clinic so they are going to get another doctor for it, but you never know. I hope he is good.
  13. Highly unlikely you have a fatal variety. Do you have more than just POTS? I think MSA is Multiple System Atrophy. POTS is a pain, but you will only be frustrated and swear you will die of exhaustion or boredom. Wikipedia is woefully inadequate when it comes to dysautonomia.
  14. Take a friend or family member and make a list.
  15. This is happening to me too. My doctor in Charleston, SC is no longer seeing patients. He will be doing research only. I was driving up from Orlando to see him. Too many other places just told me to eat more salt and drink more water. It would pass. They were constantly wrong. A little worried about what happens next...
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