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  1. I'm on oxygen 2 Liters per minute for this. I have Central Sleep Apnea and Biot's respiration and my oxygen level, they found out during some sleep studies was down below what is safe a large part of the night and they said in addition to stoppages I was also not breathing deeply enough while asleep. Sometimes it happens while awake also. The nighttime oxygen helps alot. It might be a good idea to have a sleep study. That could be what's going on with you and maybe they can treat it.
  2. Here's what happens to my ankles and feet, especially the right one. I don't know if this is the same thing or not.
  3. Oh I forgot to mention it took about 4 days of continuous for symptoms to start improving.
  4. When I was hospitalized 2 years ago for these symptoms the inpatient doctor recommended that I have continuous infusion because it helped alot and when he had stopped it to see what would happen my symptoms got worse again so he then put me on it continuously, but he failed to document what he told me verbally and no order was written when I went home. I live in the "burmuda triangle" which is Georgia so I have still been trying to get a doctor to write an order, to no avail. I just had to go on more oral meds for Mast Cell Activation Disorder last week and at this point am starting to gag on my pills, so this is about all I can tolerate taking by mouth. I drink icewater all day and through the night when I wake up horribly thirsty. In the morning it tastes like I have a mouthful of salt as if all the salt in my body is migrating to my mouth. Drinking lots of water just isn't cutting it. A friend in one of the groups who is a former Paramedic suggested that I just get the supplies and do it on myself, but I don't have the guts to do that. I'd probably get an air bubble in it and accidentally kill myself. I've never given a shot much less started an IV. Starting one from scratch is alot different than just hooking up a bag if a port or other device is already there. I could probably learn how to do that with some help over time but I really would rather have home healthcare or an infusion center install it (if in the arm, and I believe a port must be done in an outpatient surgical center). I wish my GP would write the order so it can be done safely and professionally. I hear about people now and then whose GP will do that but I've never met one who would. All the doctors here in my area seem afraid to even mess with this treatment option. They seem to view it as a last resort and are more worried about it than all the side-effects of the pharmaceutical drugs. Seems kind of backwards when we're basically talking about salt water versus drugs. To me this is more natural than medications.
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