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  1. I was diagnosed with Orthostaic Intolerance/POTS in 2012. After trying Florinef I was put on Venlafaxine for migraines. Turned out that Venlafaxine was a miracle drug for me. I came off of the Florinef and only used Venlafaxine until this past July. I had to discontinue due to a gap in insurance. I got insurance back pretty quickly, but my prescription had run out in the meantime. My doctor is making me do a tilt table prior to prescribing the meds again. I came off of Venlafaxine pretty carefully so these are not withdraw symptoms. My last dose was 37.5mg on July 14th. My tilt table is finally this Wednesday, but I am getting really bad, barely eating, stomach pains, lightheaded/dizzy, tired, and lots more. My question is this: has anyone stopped Venlafaxine and then gone back on? How long before it was effective? I have 8 kids to take care of so I am so scared right now.
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