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  1. I'm guessing like many of you, I have horrible problems with heat, so in preparation for the summer I have asked my doctor to write up a prescription for a medical equipment vendor to help me find a cooling vest... anyone use one and like it or have any recommendations of any brands or types? Or if you struggle with this and have found anything helpful what have you found that works best?! Thanks in advance!
  2. @Pistol thanks for the reminder that life is about the small victories especially when living with chronic illness! It was just the reminder I needed!
  3. I am wondering what tactics people are using to stay safe during syncopal episodes. I have at least one fainting episode a day along with many dizzy, tachycardia spells, and black outs. Currently I have been having a person with me 24/7 to assist but that gets challenging to always have someone scheduled and the loss of independence is wearing on me. Does anyone do other things to remain safe while being alone? Are any of you staying alone or is having a constant caregiver necessary? Looking for everything and anything people are doing! Stay strong!
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