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  1. I own a small CAD business where I design custom jewelry for retail stores- they give me their ideas, I make them come to life on the computer. Being self employed really has it's pros when having a horrible day. If I ever want to change careers and work for someone else I could use my CAD training at many different types of businesses- If someone is tech savvy or interested in computer work I would highly recommend the Computer Aided Design programs for people who happen to have POTS. Sadly, I have a degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in strength and conditioning... obviously not using that degree now! Dreams of being a track coach and personal trainer are long gone!
  2. hmmm... I might have to try this! I have a horrible time sleeping too. I cannot understand why it would work? but I'm all for it if it does!
  3. Mike- I think speaking up will be the hardest part for me! I try so hard to hide or fight through my symptoms. Also you are so right, I think I'll call them today asking if I change switch that class before? why not! Thank you!! Outofadream- I will more than likely be contacting you when time get closer! It's nice to hear that someone has actually had the tests at the same place I'm going to go at- and they came out alive! haha I'm really trying to put the appointment in the back of my mind, but I'm almost counting down it it in a sense- two more month until I'll have a better idea of why this is happening, or what I can do to prevent it. Thank you for reaching out, I really appreciate it. KitKatt- Sorry you've been feeling poorly as of late! I'm VERY new to this so I can only share with you how I got my appointment. I was diagnosed quickly at a small family physician, I wanted a second opinion because he didn't give me any recommendations to try and correct it- he just put a name to it. I called a different local clinic (a branch of Mayo) told them I'd like an appointment about it, I went and saw a lady who looked at my chart and was completely honest saying she could tell by my BP/ HR that something is up and didn't know enough about it so she was going to refer me. She did tell me to amp up my water intake until then. About a month later I got a call from Mayo in Rochester saying they wanted to schedule an appointment for 3 months in advance.. so it takes some time! But hopefully will lead to some answers! Best of luck to you!
  4. Wow! Such a warm welcome. Thank you guys for all the input, makes me feel slightly more as easy knowing this is expected... and relieved it's not drawn out over months like Lyla said, hopefully I will get some answers. Sarah, I will be having a Thermoregulatory Sweat Test. Inside of the packet it gives a brief explanation of the procedure, it sounds like they put powder on you and put you into a hot box for around an hour... I'll definitely take Mike's advice and try to find something to keep me calm while there. Maybe they should give me the relaxation technique class BEFORE the sweat test I live relatively close to Rochester, so I'm hoping I'll be able to sleep in my own bed every night that these tests are done-I think that will help with some of the stress and I'll have my best chance at actually getting some sleep. Now to just find a family member or friend to haul me back and forth. haha On a bright note, I'm having a good day today! I hope all of your are as well, Thanks again
  5. Hello Everyone- I'm new to the forum, this is my first post! I'm so excited I have found this place with so much information and helpful members. Recently, I was diagnosed in a very small clinic with POTS, after taking my BP and HR laying on the exam table, then sitting up, then standing, the doctor made it like seem like no big deal- oh you have POTS, that's all. I feel very blessed after reading some forums here my symptoms seem to be mild compared to others, but I'm far from leading an average life. I am now being referred to the Mayo POTS clinic in Rochester, MN, to confirm the diagnosis. I got the packet in the mail today and I'm so nervous. FOUR DAYS of testing? How in the world am I going to make it?! Has anyone ever gone through this? Is this normal? This seems like so much and honesty I'm so scared to go. Anyone have any advice? My appointment isn't until the end of July, so I've got two more months of freaking myself out over this.... Here is the breakdown: blood tests chest x ray urine sample POTS Education Nurse visit Consultation Autonomic test Electrocardiogram 24hr Holter & BP placement Echocardiogram Endocrine test Sweat test (this sounds HORRIBLE) Acupuncturist Relaxation technique education Pulmonary test Exercise test
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