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  1. My mom is amazing, always has been through this her mom is as well for me, though my dad and sis not so much. he's nice about it but definitely doesn't make an effort to be kind with his choice of words...even if it's something minor like asking sarcastically if I want to come when he's going somewhere he doesn't want to, when the answer is yes obviously, I would love to be able to leave the house even to do something not fun! or saying "keep feeling better" (meaning feel better soon) when this isn't a "get better soon" situation. ugh just a little rant!
  2. Nymph, thank you for sharing too! I think that I might end up going into a different field of education since I love teaching but have such a hard time playing those instruments anymore. My dream job has always been to co-teach preschool what do you teach? And Eillyre, good luck to you!!
  3. I was wondering what shows everyone is into! On Netflix or otherwise
  4. I'm a music teacher (violin/piano) and when well enough to go in to work was able to move downstairs so I don't have to use the stairs, and I can teach from a wheelchair. I've been lucky to have supportive and flexible students and boss I have permission to work from home but haven't tried it yet, been feeling more tired for several months now. Main issue with teaching has been brain fog :/
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