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  1. Oh this is nice to hear! I'm so clumsy and it definitely has been worse in the last few years since I've gotten sick. Now I can tell my fiancé it's not my fault Although a lot of people in my family are clumsy so part of it is me!
  2. Hi Navy Blue, Big hugs! I've felt the same way. Last winter was rock bottom for me too - I felt so sick, spent a lot of days on the couch, fell behind in school and had no idea what was wrong and how to get better. The diagnosis does help, but I think it's completely normal to go through times when you are angry and sad and everything in between. Or at least it's normal for me! I go through that when I relapse, especially when I had been doing really well and it just knocks me down. The last week has been like that for me. Last night, I made myself go to the gym because I know it's good for me, and I looked around at all the athletes and thought about the 'old me' that was an athlete and wanted to cry. I have found going to see a counsellor helpful. It's not only good to vent, but have someone acknowledge that it's okay to feel this way, and brainstorm some coping mechanisms to get you through the tough time. It's also really important to show yourself some empathy and compassion. It's easier to do that for others than ourselves. Hang in there. Positive thoughts your way.
  3. Hello! I was wondering what other people's experience with dairy is? I've read that people with PoTS can be more sensitive to dairy and it cause worsening of symptoms. I haven't found any information on what worsening of symptoms means... does it mean worsening of GI symptoms, or any symptoms? I've been lactose intolerant for a long time (used lactase pills and lactose free products) and decided to cut all dairy out after my diagnosis in May. I've recently reintroduced it (lactose free products only), and am not sure what to look for in regards to symptoms. I'm currently not felling great and have had a relapse of my symptoms, but I find there are so many triggers it can be hard to nail down what is going on. Otherwise, I try to eat as healthily as possible and make all my own food. I'm also vegetarian. Any thoughts would be helpful Thanks!!
  4. Stress is definitely a trigger for me. I can be doing well, and then things get more stressful and WHAM! It really ***** because it's generally a bad time anyways with just the stress. I spoke with my GP after a particularly stressful time and a long relapse and he said it makes sense given cortisol is released during stress and can change your body functions including your electrolytes. I haven't found any particularly good ways to deal with these situations yet. But I can offer moral support
  5. I remember feeling exactly how you felt. I saw a cardiologist and he told me to drink Gatorade and everything would be fine. My symptoms got some much worse and I kept searching for help for over a year and a half until I got a tilt table test and a doctor that specializes in Dysautonomia. I'd recommend pushing to see a specialist. You are strong and even though this time seems so challenging, you can make it through! Thinking of you!
  6. Hello! I wear full length compression stockings with compression at 30-40 everyday! They seem to make a big difference from me, especially for my throbbing lower leg pain due to blood pooling. I started off last summer with only half length with open toe (because it is hot!). These did help with my leg pain significantly, but my symptoms worsened this fall and I increased to waist-high ones. I live in Canada and it's really cold here, so right now they don't bother me at all. I've had both Jobst and Sigvaris brands and prefer Sigvaris but both are good. I'm not sure what brands are available in the States or how it works with insurance. Our public health care doesn't cover them, but I have been able to get private insurance that does. I know most doctors do recommended full length to the waist, but maybe clarify with your doctor what he thinks. You also might need a prescription for the high compression level. They do feel pretty restricting at first, but you get used to them and better at putting them on with practice Let me know if you have other questions.
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