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  1. My primary care dr sent me to a cardio a while back for palpations.. Chest pain/ pressure.. Heart racing.. Every time I stand the room goes black ect.. ect.. So he did all the normal tests echo..EKG.. Stress test which I couldn't even finish.. He told me I was out of shape and I had severe anxiety.. I DO NOT have anxiety!! But I digress.. I went back to my pcp bcause I was getting worse.. He sent me to the same cardio for TTT.. I was sure I got a diagnosis bcause my heart rate was waaayyy up there and kept trying to pass out dizzy lightheaded all the symptoms x100.. My cardio told me it was no
  2. Thanks everybody.. I'm just completely ready to give up on a diagnosis.. They make me feel like I'm a nuisance, and just tell me I'll grow out of it.. But thanks for the great information and encouragement!!
  3. So sorry for not listing sptoms.. Almost a daily migraine.. Heart rate rises upon standing and my eyes have this black-out sensation where everything goes black.. A head and heart rush that feels like I have too much of something going to my head and heart.. Dizzy upon standing and lightheadedness.. Extreme fatigue.. Extreme brain fog to where sometimes at the end of the day I can't recall my day.. And the list goes on and on..
  4. Hi! My name is Bridam. I have lurked here for a few months but this is my first post. I have been searching for an answer to my symptoms since October. My Cardio ( whom I have zero faith in) did the standard echo stress and EKG.. Everything normal.. I see my primary again bcause I'm no better and getting worse. He sends me for a TTT thru my cardio and even tho I would've rather been strapped to that table for a lethal injection bcause my symptoms became so bad he says I didn't pass out so everything is normal.. Huh? I know for a fact my hr was in the 180's and had every symptom except passing
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