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  1. Does anyone get chest pain when their heart races? This is my daughters new symptom.
  2. Hi everyone. I hope the suffering is not too bad with the summer heat. Has anyone been prescribed any thing rlse other then midodrine for dizziness? It is sffecting my daughter's bladder, so she needs to take something else.
  3. Hi icelizard. My daughter was diagnosed with ADD and put on adderall. We r not sure if she even has ADD bc she never had a really great improvement. She thinks it helped a little bit bc she did get through college.
  4. Hi Mikey69. Sorry to hear about ur issues. Yes dysautonomia is very troublesome. My daughter is suffering with a lot of issues and insomnia is one of them. She takes liquid benadryl to go to sleep. It has helped and half the required dose for an adult does the trick. Hope it helps
  5. Does anyone have anything thet do for the frequent adrenaline rushes? Also does Pots cause paranoia?
  6. Thank u both for your replys.
  7. What have members taken for their UTI's. My daughter was prescribed CIPRO but it is not working. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.
  8. Thank u everyone for your responses. They were very helpful.
  9. What meds are other members using to help keep headaches/migraines away instead of a medicine for symptoms?
  10. I am so sorry to hear that ur daughtet is suffering. I can feel fir you bc i too have a daughter that is trying her best to continue working and maintain a social life. Mine is 23 and we think she has had it most of her life. Not sure what caused it, but she was very sick as a baby. Anyway thank God she has you to be her advocate. I research as mucjh as I can and hope to find something that could help. Hang in there and stay positive.
  11. Hi statesof. Yes on both of my daughter's ttt her hr went above the reqd 30 bpm and then abruptly drops into the 50's. So the numbers are indicative of POTS and NMS, but the neurologist has yet to officially commit to a diagnosis. I'm just so worried about her bc her quality of life is not great. Thanks for your response. It made me feel a little bit better about a POTS diagnosis.
  12. Has anyone had normal breathing and normal sweat test but still diagnosed with POTS? We just cant seem to get an answer as to definite diagnosis. This is all so frustrating, yet my daughters symptoms continue to materialize. Her quality of life is really suffering!!! Any insight would be appreciated.
  13. Thank u everyone for your responses. My daughter is having her sweat test this Saturday.
  14. Just wanted some info about the sweat test. Why is it done and what does it show?
  15. Never heard of this and i have read a lot about the symptoms. My daughter gets tingling and numbness in her feet. Maybe u should check with ur doctor to make sure its related to POTS.
  16. Thank u everyone for your responses. Her back psin is in the middle of her back on the right side. She has tried advil but it does not help. She tried bengay patches and that helps a little bit. She is also experiencing aching legs. I feel so bad for her bc the symptoms just dont let up.
  17. Just wondering does anyone suffer from strange back pain with no apparent memory of pulling it. My daughter has been complaining the last few days. If anyone else struggles with this complaint what do u do for pain relief?
  18. My daughter complains of fatigue, dizziness, and shaking the most. Although she has the majority of all the symptoms associated with this syndrome on a daily basis.
  19. Wow. Thats great news. Maybe more doctors will be willing to treat this confusing syndrome. Yahooooo!!!!
  20. Hi sarah. Sorry i just saw your question to my daughters breathing tests. The breathing tests were okay but the dr said her ttt was not. Her hr goes up the 30 beats but does not stay up. It drops down to 40. So now the dr wants to do a sweat test. If thats abnormal she had pots and if not nms. So confusing. They just keep changing her diagnosis.
  21. Has anyone tried jogging and then the next day have severe nausea? My daughter exercises regularly but takes barre classes instead of aerobics. She wanted to try to jog outside with the nice weather, but is really suffering today. Also has anyone had the breathing tests come back normal, but was still diagnosed with POTS/NMS?
  22. Oh. He said if she has an abnormal sweat test then she does have Pots but if not she has NMS. But i wiuld think if she had NMS she would have fainted at least once. Also what contributes to someone getting NMS.
  23. My daughter had her second tilt table test and her heart rate girs up above the 30 bpm but then does nit stsy fixed. It suddenly drops diwn into tve 40's. Dies anyone else have tbis happen? If so were u still given a POTS diagnosis? Niw her doctor is going to do a sweat test to chech fir an abnormality with that so he can diagnose her properly. We r so confused!!!
  24. Hi sarah. No she has not had that blood test. We r seeing the doctor tomorrow for brathing tests but nothing was mentioned about bloodwork.
  25. Has anyone had any of the breathing tests that are performed on POTS patients? I know the valsalva maneuver is one, but im not dure what else is done. Has anyone had side effects to these tests because my daughter crashed after her tilt table test.
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