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  1. Has anyone been diagnosed with lupus anticoagulant as a cause of their POTS
  2. My daughter gets the same way. She is very irritable and angry. She can feel the anger starting but can't stop the feeling. It makes her really upset and sad because she used to be a very sweet person.
  3. Thank you for your replys. The reason I mentioned this was because I just found out there were many homes in our development that have water/mold problems and mine is one of them. I thiught i had read something about a correlation with POTS and mold. I will mention this to my daughters doctor bc as of yet we have not found the cause of my daughters POTS.
  4. Hi all, i hope the holiday sesson finds everyone happy and able to bear their pain to celebrate with family and friends. I was wondering if there is anyone or anything documented that has found mold to be a cause or exacerbation of symptoms of POTS?
  5. My daughterhas problems with irritability and adrenaline surges when trying to rread or computer work.
  6. Hi issie. Just wondering what is the tumeric. Magnesium. And olive leaf used for
  7. My daughter complains of fatigue, dizziness, and shaking the most. Although she has the majority of all the symptoms associated with this syndrome on a daily basis.
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