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  1. I feel the same way! Don't have any advice though.
  2. CONGRADULATINGS!!! So happy for you!!!
  3. I agree and understand there's little known about our conditions. There are just many things that get frustrating. I'm sure we all feel that way at times. Poncha, you brought up Lyme, I've had some doctors gladly test for it and I've had other doctors tell me they don't believe Lyme exists. The thing that frustrates me the most is I feel this is the last doctor I can see, I don't know where to go next and I don't want to give up. I'm excited because I haven't seen a doctor with this specific specialty so I was hoping for something different, like tests or medications, cause I haven't responded
  4. Thanks! I have had a couple tilt tests before and even the blood volume test, the cardiologist ordered. Hopefully the autonomic neurologist will order some of those other ones mentioned. I feel like every doctor I see orders a couple tests and passes me on to another doctor, and I'm running out of doctors to see. Haven't seen an autonomic neurologist yet though. Thanks again for the responses
  5. I'm going to see an Autonomic Neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic next month. I'm sure we've all seen a Cardiologist before, but I'm just wondering if anyone has seen an Autonomic Neurologist before. What the experience was like, any tests they might have done, maybe some questions I should ask. I've seen a Cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic before, he's the one that referred me, I've also seen a Neurologist in my home town before but he wasn't an Autonomic Neurologist and said he couldn't really help me. Thanks!
  6. After my first tilt test it took me about 10 days to recover, and I was feeling awful for those 10 days. During that test I did pass out and have a 16 second pause in my heart beat. The second tilt test was much better, but they caught my blood pressure dropping and aborted the test before I went out, that time took about a day and a half to recover. Sorry you're not feeling good. Hope you recover soon!
  7. Have you tried watching your diet for any trigger foods and cutting them out? Maybe certain foods make the bile worse. Or maybe a dietitian, if they know about bile reflux at all.
  8. I have Barrett's Esophagus caused by I believe acid reflux, I'm not sure if there's a difference between bile and acid reflux. I used over the counter stuff for awhile before going to the Dr and none of them worked. I use Pantoprazole now and it works great, there was one or two more I used before but had to switch because of insurance and cost, all the prescription stuff has worked well though. If you haven't already see your doctor, also ask if an endoscopy would help. I had one and that's how they determined I have Barrett's Esophagus, they told me my entire esophagus liner was gone and my
  9. When I first started taking salt tablets I dissolved them in water, it made it taste horrible to me but it worked. I just kept at trying to swallow them and now I can, I ALWAYS eat something no matter how little with it to help avoid any upset stomach.
  10. Oh man, the Thermoregulatory Sweat Test sounds much worse than the QSART! I have a horrible heat intolerance, thank goodness they didn't give me that one lol. Some good advise I can give is to have good communication with the doctors/nurses that are giving the tests. Don't be afraid to speak up, I had to tell the nurses I wasn't feeling well and was getting worse fast, they had to abort a test and try again after relaxing a bit, one I bailed on completely (it wasn't the tests that caused my symptoms, I was already feeling horrible). Now that's far from ideal cause you want all the info you can
  11. Hello and welcome! I felt the same way when I went to the Cleveland Clinic, it's really not as bad as it sounds, at least it wasn't for me. Oh and the sweat test, I believe that's another name for the QSART test I took and it was the easiest test ever. Find something or someway to stay relaxed and calm, no one likes stress. Good luck
  12. NCIS LA and The Americans are my two favorite shows, I've seen every episode of both shows. Also Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory are great.
  13. I haven't had that exact experience but most times when I'm not feeling well trying to sleep can make me worse. Actually usually all sleep makes me worse now that I think of it. No matter how I'm feeling, even if I'm doing great, every morning is a struggle for me. Hope it doesn't happen again for you!
  14. I don't have a quick fix for you but have you ever had your vitamin levels checked? My vitamin D3 levels were really low and after taking a vitamin pill every day it helped with my energy a bit. Hope you're feeling good enough to make it to your class!
  15. Targs66 I was told it helps with blood circulation. I thought the same thing when told to raise the head of my bed, I thought it would make me worse, but it didn't, it helped a little bit. I still don't understand the science behind it though.
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