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  1. I too have all of those annoying migraine symptoms. My first one with the numbness and speech problems was at the age of 13. I'm now 41 and have learned from much migraine experience how to determine which side of my head will hurt before the pain starts. The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and visa versa. My first symptom is usually the aura which seems to block my vision. It's hard to explain but I can only see parts of things. Then one of my hands start to go numb. I know if it's my right hand that the left side of my head is going to hurt. This is useful to know because it's the left side of the brain that controls language so I know my speech with be messed up. If my left hand goes numb then the pain will be on the right. The right side controls cognitive function so I know my thinking will be messed up. I have also had my entire mouth and tongue go numb at times and my teeth and one side of my face and neck usually hurt as well. All of these symptoms are scary when they occur. I used to be in bed for 4 days at a time. I would have severe pain and vomitting with the only relief I could find was to go to the ER for shots for the pain and nausea. I've tried every migraine medication available, even the shots you give yourself. Nothing worked. I've tried medications to prevent migraines...no luck! As I've gotten older my migraines have eased up. Now when I get the aura, I take an over the counter migraine medication and within 4 hours the pain has eased up enough for me to function. I know how miserable migraines are and how much they mess up daily life when you get one. I hope you find something to help ease your suffering.
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