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A little about me....Well I’m 30yrs old and have been working as a nurse for close to 3 years now. I have been suffering from episodes of POTS like symptoms since I was a kid, which became most prominent in my adolescence. All my friends thought I was pretty cool skipping school all the time. They just didn’t realise I spent my whole day in bed feeling totally depleted for no good reason. I missed a LOT of school due to “feeling sick”. Dr’s said it was depression etc. I did the antidepressant thing which worked well enough at the time. Of course the effects eventually wore off as my body adapted to the medication and I decided to wean myself off. I found they were more effective in helping me to cope with my physical problems than actually making me better. Plus they gave me the jimmy legs at night haha... Later on I finally went back to school and in the process of pushing myself to compete in the real world the fainting began. I was told it’s just “anxiety”, even though I couldn’t find one thing I was anxious about in relation to some of the fainting or near fainting episodes. I was simply forcing my body to do something it would not, and sometimes that was just standing up right. I was later diagnosed with a mild form of Narcolepsy due to my ongoing symptoms of fatigue, GERD for the nausea and occasional vomiting, and Vasovagal Syncope. Some other results showed - sinus node tachycardia, arrhythmias. My list of symptoms is quite long which I may include at another time. I suspect Adrenergic POTS? However, I’m still waiting for my appointment with a cardiologist specialized in autonomic disorders for a real diagnosis.

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