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  1. Hi. does anyone have all the symptoms of dysautonomia, including chest pain and palps, stomach stuff, etc..I had a tilt table test that came back "very mild autonomic dysfunction." Then I had every heart test including monitor for five days. All normal. Then I had every digestive test. came back normal. Including emptying, etc. But I have ALL the symptoms so so very bad. Has anyone had this experience, where tests come back normal?
  2. Hi. does anyone find that every single symptoms of dysautonomia get worse when they are under stress? What helps! Thanx. Lisa
  3. H as anyone ever heard of TVAM to treat dysautonomia? ALl the symptoms, chest pain and palps. stomach, headaches, sensation of ear fullness, fatigue and low blood pressure
  4. Hi. I am a 55 year old woman with dysautonomia. Lightheadedness controlled with 3000mg. salt tabs 2x/day. I have definitely been getting more brain fog and for that I don't have an answer. forget what im about to do all the time. I also have developed crippling daily headaches and blurriness in my eyes. So far, sorry nothing works. for anxiety, I take KLonopin 2-6 mg. usually in am, when it is worst and that helps. do you have all the other symptoms. chest pain and palps, no appetitie and food sits there, intermittent naseau, fatigue, etc... Thanx. Hope your doc can help Lisa
  5. Hi I am a woman who is 55 years old who was dx: with MS thirty years ago. one year ago I fainted and was Dx. with dysautonomia. I have chest pain and palps, not felt a pang of hunger for 9 months naseau, food sits there. Migraines!!! fatigue. Has anyone had normal cardiac results with such symptoms. Same as normal gastroperisis test even though food sits there. I need help. No medications have helped me!! for ex: stomach. Inderal for palps and chest pain. Anti inflammatory for back and headaches. Even narcotics don't always work or migraine drugs for Migraines!! Please can someone respond I feel so so sick and so so alone!!!!! My name is Lisa. Oh, I do have the low blood pressure under control with salt tabs. 3000mg two times per day. Thanx!!
  6. heh out there. I am a 55 year old woman who developed dysautonmia one year ago.I also have had MS for thirty years. Under control. The worst of the dysautonomia the low blood pressure however it is under control with salt tabs. however have no appetite, naseau, food sits there, chest pain and palps, fatigue, headaches. and has anyone ever had this weird symptom of a sensation of fullness in the ears. how do people treat all these symptoms. what helps????? and my heart monitor test and mobility test of stomach were normal?? ;Has anyone had so called "normal" tests but bad symp0toms. Plus the original autonomic testing said Mild autonomidc dysfunction. Doesn't feel mild. Symptoms come on suddently. Has anyone had that with all these awful symptoms. please please someone answer. I feel very alone and would love to chat on line. thanx. lisa sweinbe6@optonline.net has anything helped anyone!!
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