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  1. I get dry eyes really bad sometimes, it was the worst when I was 17 or so. It's been so bad, I've had to peel my eyelids off of my eyeballs after waking up (yes, literally peel) and then make myself yawn repeatedly in order to make the smallest amount of tears so I could blink.
  2. My doctor hasn't responded to me, and I'm almost due for my next dose (My 10mg bottle ran out, I was given 20mg this time around because the walmart near me told me they were stopping carrying 10mg--professional, I know.), so I'm about to split a tablet just because I'm not sure what else I can do! I got two different answers when I called my local pharmacies (The woman who answered the phone at one pharmacy told me not to split the tablet, but a pharmacist at another pharmacy told me it was completely safe.) My resting heart rate is already super slow when I'm relaxed, so I don't want to cause any trouble for myself by taking a whole 20mg. My 20mg tablets look like this: In case that helps, does anyone split this pill?
  3. Does your vision look like this? Mine does, I was diagnosed simply with astigmatism, but who knows. Glasses help me a great deal, but I get the eye burning and red eyes, too. Although, not to the extent you are describing. Sometimes washing my face thoroughly prevents the burning, I'm not sure why. I also get head pressure, mostly at the back-left of my head. It's been that way for years now (Since I was 17 or 18, I'm 25 now.), so I'm used to it, but sometimes it does make me feel unnerved. I hope my message has been helpful in some way!
  4. i had a phase that lasted about 4 months where i had no obvious POTS symptoms, but still had the brain fog and intense fatigue. confusing stuff, but it sticks around, i guess.
  5. lately when i wake up, i cant do anything without the activity increasing my heart rate to an extreme degree. this is while laying down! stretching my legs, arms, grabbing something, rolling over--its all out of the question. and it takes around 25+ minutes to go back to normal. i havent counted, but i would guess my heart rate is 120+ when this happens. as far as im aware, this isnt POTS. but could it be? input would be greatly appreciated, thnx
  6. Hi mike, I don't know if anyone's already said what I'm about to say, but I definitely get breahing difficulty, specifically when I am in an upright position and the POTS starts showing. It makes me have to forcefully breathe, feels as if my muscles strongly don't want to breathe in. Really really unpleasant!
  7. Sorry I disappeared for so long, yall. It's taking awhile to get comfortable with these symptoms for sure, so I sometimes just want people to tell me I'm normal. I have super brain fog right now, so I can't fully thank everyone for their advise/views, but thank y'all all so much. It helps to have other people's take on the situation Kinda unrelated question, but has anyone here ever cut a yellow oval florinef tablet? I've just done that this morning because the symptoms were shocking my system and my doctor is unavailable. Hope I didn't ruin my dose?
  8. I don't. the symptoms do match, though. Ugh this is all too much to handle, really.
  9. When would I need to worry tho? I feel really bad physically...
  10. BLOOD PRESSURE IS 105/49 IS THIS OKAY??!!!!????
  11. I did just go to my cardiologyst 3 days ago, it was very stressful. They had to put two bags of saline in me for low blood pressure and it still didn't get right. My fingernails also started turning blue. Why though? Blue fingernails isn't pots. Yet they think I have pots and they sent me to the ER to get blood drawn for testing. I just don't know what to do or how to feel. Ugh.
  12. I Just don't know what to do... I started my period this morning. Is that it? Is this normal?? I'm so scared and confused because I don't know how to beat this and it's beating me
  13. I've been away for awhile. I'm stuck laying on my side. I can't even scoot or roll over in bed without my pulse jumping up to 100. My heart is skipping beats. I can't even crawl now. I've been peeing in a mason jar. Just three days ago, I was mostly propped up. Salt hasnt helped, nothing has. I feel like I'm dying. This can't be pots. I want to know that everything is gonna be okay and I'll recover. But it's been almost 6 months. I don't know what to do.
  14. My nails keep going pale at the very tips and my toenails are bluish purple even while laying down and having no blood pooling I'm so scared right now
  15. I get occasional muscle cramping at times. nothing extreme, but it's definitely noticeable, especially when laying.
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