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  1. I take 2.5 mg 3 times a day. It helps me stay on my feet but I still get high heart rates.
  2. Thank you for the welcome BeforeTheMorning, Corina and Anastasia. I love your name Anastasia!!
  3. Galatea, I'm not sure that it's blood pooling when I lie down. Maybe it's something else. I've even slept with my feet propped up on 3 pillows and they are still hot. I bought some slippers that have pockets for cold packs and that helps for about 30 minutes and then the cold packs are warm. Must be some sort of autonomic thing. I've had problems with my body temperature too. Very annoying. I wish we could find the pill that could fix this!!
  4. Rachel, Thank you for sharing Tyler's story for us new people. He is so lucky to have you in his corner!! Marina
  5. Hollin, I have a medical alert bracelet for my adrenal insufficiency. I have found through my ambulance rides and ER visits that it really doesn't help. The EMT's nor the ER doctors seem to either know what to do or do not believe what it says. It is very frustrating. I think my biggest problem at work is that I don't want anyone to know when I am feeling bad so I try to push on. I need to learn to stop when I feel it happening. Easier said than done. I always think I can make it back to my desk if I hurry and that only makes things worse. I believe that when it is happening, my abili
  6. Galatea, My feet do that too. It seems worse if I've been up and I'm feeling really tired. When I shower my feet turn very dark purple and my toenails are almost black. I never tried the cold tub but I will now. Seems that when I am tired and I can't sleep my feet get really hot too. I will try the cold water for this too, Marina
  7. I have cramps in my legs, feet and hands. It can get awful. Mine start with too much walking.
  8. Thank you Becia, Rachel and June. I'm reading the older posts. I have a lot of catching up to do. I can't offer much advice because I'm just learning but I can offer a "me too".
  9. Showering and drying my hair is my most hated activity also. I shower at night but not every night. I just sponge bathe when I'm too tired. I always have to rest after showering before I can dry my hair. I've always told the doctors how hard it is for me to raise my arms and do anything but they didn't think it was anything.
  10. Blurry vision is one of my big symptoms. My eyes check out fine. Some days are worse than others. I wake up at night with dry eyes. Not that I sleep much.
  11. I had gastric bypass in 1995 but I may have already had an autonomic problem.
  12. Hello Everyone, My name is Marina and I am new to this forum and this diagnosis. I'm not sure what form of Dysautonomia that I have. I was seeing a new cardiologist for symptoms related to diastolic heart failure and inappropriate tachycardia when he told me that it was a malfunction of my autonomic system. As I have read in many of your stories, I too have been to many doctors for many years with little help with my symptoms. I am trying Midorine to increase my blood pressure in hopes that it will keep my heart from going too fast. So far, what I've seen is that my blood pressure is high
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