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  1. Thank you all for the responses! I will check Dr. Schofield out, I have been diagnosed for about 2 years now but hopefully she would still be interested in seeing me. Also will keep in mind the option of Utah. I've been seeing Dr.Moore at Birmingham MVP Center and she's just been so great, I'm sad to not be able to continue going there. Thanks again!
  2. I have arena few posts of people asking about doctors in Colorado. I only found one response of a cardiologist in Colorado Springs but no replies to others. Is there anyone on this site that lives in Colorado (especially Denver area but I can drive a ways too) that has an autonomic Doctor? I am relocating here and there is not much info online re: doctors there. Also it's nice to have recommendations from people who have actually seen a doctor (whether good or bad!). Thanks in advance for anybody's input on this.
  3. Hi! I am new to DINET and I have been reviewing the past posts on high altitude and how people respond to it. My background: I have been diagnosed with POTs for 1.5 years now (was sick for 3 years) and living in the south has been absolutely miserable. My official diagnosis is idiopathic pots, hypermobility, and small fiber neuropathy. No matter how much progress I make, the heat and humidity here ALWAYS set me back. This summer I was finally well enough to travel and went to stay with family in Colorado. They live at about 8,500 ft altitude which was obviously a huge difference from where I
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