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  1. did you try a vasodilatator? Or have you done an ECG while having chestpain?
  2. My chest pain causes of coronary artery spasms and I usually take nitroglycerine to stop it. It works within 2 minutes But I have to lay down in 30 minutes after taking nitroglycerin otherwise I will faint. So that is why I cannot take it everytime.
  3. HI, I also take Droxidopa (300mg + 300mg + 200mg). I have taken it in 2 years now and I feel so much better than before. I also feel tired often but it varies. I do not think it is because of Droxidopa. I always have had this terrible fatigue but it is better now than earlier. I usually get more chestpain when I am more tired and than I also feel more weak and so on. My body needs high doses of adrenaline/epinephrine because of autoantibodies which attack the epinephrine my body is producing. I have always been extremly active like persons with hyperactivity Syndrome and that helped me beeing able to live an ok life. When I stress my body it increases the epinephrinelevels and than I work better. When I told my physician that I do not tolerate inactivity at all and that high activity does that I feel better, he guessed that Droxidopa could be helpful. And than the bloodtest showed us that he was wright. Today I am not free of symptoms, but I am much better. Droxidopa is not working on everyone. It maybe is a good drug till just a few patients, but it is worth to be tested. Another drug I am very thankfull for is nitroglycerine which helps for chestpain/coronary artery spasm. Life is so much easier with that even if you get pretty dizzy of taking it. But that is just temporarily in 20-30 min.
  4. I live in Sweden and you must order it in time (a month before running out). I'm used to have much symptoms but not that much as without droxidopa and it changes over time. Sometimes I feel quite good and than I get worse without knowing why. It just happens. I still can feel dizzy, lightheadet and so on. But even when vomiting I no longer get as low and bad as before. I feel more stabil. Droxidopa is no cure for my symptoms but it helps very much to survive daily living.
  5. HI, I also take Droxidopa but the other one which is called Dops. I've been on droxidopa for almost 2 years and it totally changed my life - without any sideeffects! I felt better very quickly. The first changes did I see just a few hours after had taken the first capsule but I couln't believe that my feeling was real. I thought it was placebo effect but placebo never stopped I love that drug. I still have symptoms but it is much more under control.
  6. Sue1234: I did not understand him really well, but he talked about a few different receptors (alpha 1 adrenergetic and beta1+2-receptors) and that autoimmunity tests indicated a high activity of these receptors. Further he talked about something which "inactivates" my bodies own adrenaline/epinephrine and that is why I have to take noradrenaline/norepinephrine. The information about the receptors is based on my bloodsamples but he could explain my symtoms with the results of the lab. This is stuff I don't understand ;-) People working with it maybe understand and can explain it better I think they are already testing the new treatment in the first patients, but just in bedridden patients. But perhaps he meant that they will start testing in six months.
  7. I did not understand everything my doctor told me, but what he told me looks like the same as in that study youre talking about. My doctor told me about a treament with immunoglobulins and I may get this new treatment in 6 months. Does anybody get this treatment today? For 2 years ago doctors understod that norepinephrine is working in some pots-patients, today they know why. Recently they found out more about these antibodies and treatment. It seems to me that there is hope for many of us :-) I am so grateful, things will change. In future we'll feel better or perhaps be fine!
  8. Yes I can do that But it was worse before I got on medication. In the past I did not tolerate inactivity at all, so sleeping at night was the worst thing ever ;-) I have not faintet while lying since I got on meds, but I have experienced a few pre-syncopes. I don't really care because I feel so much better after I have fainted So you should be carefull and do the counterpressure maneuvers when you feel dizzy. I often feel awful a long time.
  9. I live in Sweden and my doctor prescribes this medicin to me. But it is an off-label use because it is an unapproved drug in my country. The medicine comes from Japan and my drugstore imports it to me. Have you tried to get Droxidopa? I think it is quite common that doctors prescribes off-label medicines in special cases. In the US you use off-label drugs t.ex. in cancer treatment, so I think it works in other cases too. http://www.cancer.org/treatment/treatmentsandsideeffects/treatmenttypes/chemotherapy/off-label-drug-use
  10. Check it with your physician. The one I take is called Dops and I get it from Japan. But it is expensive! almost 400 dollars... Good Luck!
  11. I live in Sweden and I don't exactly know how off-label use of unapproved drugs/new use of approved drugs in other countries works. Your doctors should know? It is an pretty expensive drug, but it totally changed my life. So I think it's worth the cost. May be Droxidopa will work on just a few of us. An example for better understanding: I have to be in activity all the time otherwise I'll get bad. I "stressed" myself at work, at home, everywhere and so I could avoid to faint or to feel bad. You can guess what I think about sleeping ;-) When I take Droxidopa I don't have to be in action as much as in the past, but I still don't tolerate longer inactivity. I feel disabled in many ways, but now I'm functioning much better and quality of life has changed in a unbelievable way. In the past most days where bad, now I have many god days and there are moments without symptoms. (I hope you understand me . When I moved to Sweden I lost all the languages I've learned and eaven my mothertongue is getting worse... Speaking is easier than writing, but I do my best )
  12. HI, Yes, me. I use Droxidopa (Dops) which is the same as Northera I think. I got a new life with this drug. I have no sideeffects of it.
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