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  1. Anyone in here have a dx of POTS but has all their autonomic testing come back normal? My Valsalva, deep breathing and QSART all came back normal as normal can be.
  2. I’m on my 2nd LLMD....first one was a bust. I take Zyrtec daily year round for allergies. I dont think I have mast cell problems....I don’t have flushing episodes. Im sick of all this crap....
  3. I have a form of POTS that comes and goes. I got Lyme in 2004 and got POTS soon thereafter. All my ANS testing and blood work (mayo panel) comes back normal but I have a small increase in HR upon standing and dizziness although it’s quite mild compared to stories that I read here, but it’s enough to upset my life. HR went from 65 to 95....sometimes as high as 120. From 2004-2006 I didn’t know what I had....then the Lyme Dx came along. I recovered from my symptoms by 2007 and had a child. My Lyme insomnia came back for a few months but went away in time for me to have another child in 200
  4. Hi all, I have Lyme disease and I was in remission but a recent cold brought it back out! One of my worst symptoms is POTS....not horrible but it’s still no picinc. It stinks to have this back after finally being able to run again. I seem to have developed a new symptom that I never had before: my heart beats fast after eating and does not drop overnight. I have tried taking a beta blocker but it does nothing! I’m assuming it’s vagally induced? Anyone else have these problems? I’ve had ANS testing and all was normal. Just can’t figure out while a beat blocker has zero effect!
  5. Lyme is real...I have made so many improvements! Look for lyme if you just got sick literally one day from the next with no obvious stressor and your symptoms come and go and change!
  6. Does blood pooling wax and wane? I know I'm different since my nervous system is ok and I'm just dealing with cytokine issues dialating my veins, but some days I have very noticiable blood pooling in my legs and other days they look pretty much normal...I'm not doing anything different to induce these changes. POTS seemes to be a crazy disease but throw lyme in the mix and wow...
  7. Thanks for the words of encouragement! I'm just torn. I never had any problems in my other pregnancies. Sue I have lyme, babesia and bartonella along with reactivated viruses (HHV6, parvo virus and EBV) I am much better after treating the lyme but the most improvements came from treating babesia. I still have elevated cytokines...TNF and all my interlukines high. They vasodilate me and if I get a cold, virus or good old pregnant with its lovely high progeaterone levels it makes things worse. The only cure is getting rid of the infections that my body keeps trying to fight! At least my immune s
  8. Im currently 9 weeks pregnant with my third child. My first two pregnancies werea breeze but this one has left me dizzy 24/7. Im afraid I will loose my job...I work in sales. I have lyme and POTS like symptoms but no actual autonomic dysfunction per say...I just have a ton of cytokines causng vasodilation...or at least thats what my immunologist says. I dont take meds, except for antibiotics and florinef (lyme killed my adrenals) but my high risk OB let me try midrodrine...2.5 mgs to see if it helped me and it didnt...my blood pressure is fine 120/78 (which is slightly lower than normal, but e
  9. I have been reading up on the internet about the most common case of POTS tends to be from some kind of nerve damage or neuropathy which causes veins not to constrict, blood to pool and y'all know the rest. My question is, how would medicine help? If nerves are damaged hoe would adding a medications like midodrine/stiumlants help stimulate veins to constrict and lessen pooling if the nerve endings don't receive the signals? Wouldn't they still stay vasodilator? Anyone know?
  10. Since I'm a Newbie maybe y'all can help me out. I'm having a hard time understanding how one can have blood pooling in the legs yet normal to high standing blood pressure? Isn't blood pressure especially the diastolic number a marker of peripheral resistance? What am I missing here? I was under the impression that blood pooling was the result of veins NOT constricting...so confused?
  11. Hello all…first time posting…long time browsing. I am a 30 years young and have chronic lyme, bartonella and babesia for the past 10 years and have some orthostatic issues as a result of these infections. My main symptom seems to be dizziness and blood pooling…despite me wearing 30-40 compression hose. I used to have horrible tachycardia all the time, laying, sitting, standing but that has improved greatly once I treated the lyme and although once in a blue moon I may get tachycardia on standing…it's not too bad maybe 100 or so up from 72 laying…again this is rare. Usually my orthostatic vital
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