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  1. Great list. Unfortunately I as well ticked off almost every symptom minus two or three. I've had the visual disturbances and floaters. Whats up with that? Weakness is one that I did not see but great list.
  2. Thanks you I actually checked out the doctors on the dinet website and emailed a few of them that are in my area in Ontario. No replies yet:(. All my results were normal unfortunately from my colonoscopy/gadtroscopy. I just want to find something fixable for my symptoms and how im feeling. I want my life back. What causes the weight loss and chest discomfort with this condition. I was so stressed I went to the local clinic to get an ecg yesterday. The clinic doctor referred me to an internist in our city since we dont have a cardiologist here. Perhaps he can refer me to a cardiologist in Ottaw
  3. Were you guys able to gain back any weight? If so, how did you do it? Sorry about all the questions. You guys have been a huge help:)
  4. Allabouppeace, sorry one more thing how did you increase your blood volume because I am freezing all the time too. Very uncomfortable with all the other symptoms.
  5. Allaboutpeace, I agree with the doctors thinking we are crazy. When I walk into my GP's office I feel uncomfortable because they're not overly friendly to me and almost seem short. Yes my GP is very dismissive and says well you've got to give up at some point since no one is finding anything. Its very upsetting since I feel terrible and he doesn't acknwledge it. Thanks for all the advice:)
  6. Thanks for the great advice. I will try the self tilt test. Ya my 60-90 was today which is a good day. Some days I can reach 140 and up. That was just laying to standing within like 10 seconds. I initially thought it was cancer because of the weight then a heart attack because of the heart thing but nothing shows up. Ii even had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy for cancer and many other tests. I will ask my gastro tomorrow if he can refer to someone. Hope he feels bad for me and helps me out. Thanks everyone. How long does your weakness, lightheadedness and tachy last during the day?
  7. No haven't done the tilt test yet as I'm having a hard time with my doctor referring me. I will try and get a referral from a different doctor. I do notice when I'm sitting or laying down my pulse is 60ish but when I stand up it jumps to the high 90's. Does that sound normal? Feeling frustrated with these doctors:( Thanks again, Laura
  8. Sorry didn't realize you couldn't use certain words.
  9. Wow! What an experience. I'm glad everything worked out for you and you received such great care from your own doctor and er docs. You're lucky to have such a great Family doctor. Mine *****:)
  10. Thank you very much to everyone for the useful information. It's funny how doctors just disregard our complaints when they see a young person enter with such symptoms. My 24 hour holt monitor showed my heart rate up to 150bpm and said well I could get my heart rate up that high if I wanted to too. I told him I was just walking around. He reluctantly sent me for a stress test and even after the stress test told him I felt lightheaded he told me I did great. Strange. I used to play every sport in high school, work out and played women's soccer and never felt lightheaded. So walking/slight jog on
  11. Thanks Becia, On my holt monitor it said insignificant sinus tachycardia, PAC and PVC with aberrancy (not sure what that means). Doctor still said it was normal. Where you live do you need a referral to a specialist or can you just make an appointment? In Ontario where I live we always need a referral and when a doctor says it's anxiety, it makes it difficult to get a referral. I feel like I'm chasing my tail:) Thanks again
  12. Thanks for the info. My doctors didnt come out and say "its all in your head" but tells me that it's anxiety, hypochondriac, or that I should see a counselor. It's very frustrating because I live in a small city so most doctors here have no clue. They see normal results and just disregard my concerns. The symptoms I expetience are scary and constantly think I'm going to have a heart attack or pass out in front of my kids. I used to be very energetic but now it's a struggle to get out of bed or even shower some days. What causes the brain fog? Any ideas? Oh I also suffer from headaches, and ton
  13. Sorry to hear of your hospital admission? What was your heart rate and how did the get it down? Did you have any chest discomfort with it? Sorry for the questions but I'm new to this:). How long did they keep you? Take care, Laura
  14. Hi I'm a 38 year old female, mother of four. I began experiencing symptoms shortly after the birth of my fourth child (via csection).my symptoms include lack of sweating (I used to sweat profusely), lightheadedness daily, taccycardia, fatigue, nausea, weight loss, brain fog, memory issues, chest discomfort, weakness... I've been to cardiologist (sinus tachycardia), neurologist (all normal), gastroenterologist (colonoscopy/gastroscopy)... It's frustrating when they all say it's all in your head or it's anxiety but I know it's not. Do these symptoms sound at all familiar to any of you? Thank you
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