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  1. I had episodes of these, though they are rare. No idea if this had anything to do with dysautonomia related symptoms or any of my other complaints.
  2. Check the guide inside the thread below and use the search function (CTRL-F) for terms like renin or aldosterone. https://www.dinet.org/forums/topic/31618-postural-tachycardia-syndrome-a-concise-and-practical-guide-to-management-and-associated-conditions/
  3. Very nice guide. Postural Tachycardia Syndrome A Concise and Practical Guide to Management and Associated Conditions
  4. Recognition and Management of Medication Excipient Reactivity in Patients With Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Mast cells are able to release Renin and Chymase which lead to increased Aldosterone. Could AT1 receptor antagonist be helpful?
  5. What is the gender ratio of male to female on this forum? And is there any asymmetry in gender ratio in POTS(any articles in literature provding a number?)?
  6. Milnacipran - completely stopping my brain fog Milnacipran is used for brain fog (fibro fog) in fibromyalgia patients. If this medication is already known to this forum then just delete this post.
  7. The link from day 4 is from day 3. Here is day 4: https://dropitlikeitspots.com/dysautonomia-international-conference-2020-day-4-notes/
  8. Scroll all the way down to Table 1 and 2: Cardiovascular symptoms in patients with systemic mast cell activation disease
  9. No, those are just representations which are the easiest to recognize. Mast cells can release other molecules that do not cause swelling. Mast cells release molecules selectively more often than showing exploding degranulating behaviour. They release cytokines/chemokines above anything else but you cannot base a diagnosis on that because those molecules are not specific. Here is a video fragment talking about MC mediators @33:44 (Very informative video, one of the best, I highly recommend the full video): Episode #58: Mast Cell Master with Dr. T.C. Theoharides, PhD, MD
  10. You cannot rule out MCAS by a tryptase test which turned out normal. Doctors don't have a clue and they will probably not look into MCAS. Ideally you want to test stuff when being symptomatic. To answer your question, I would show this one: Current provisional criteria to define mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS; modified from Afrin and Molderings 2014) Or Table 2 from this link (basically a small modification of the link above): Criteria proposed to define mast cell activation disease (for references, see text) when all other diagnoses that could better explain the full rang
  11. Claire: "Hi sjoh197. I am experiencing the same symptoms. My hands, legs, face and general body turn red and swell up throughout the day. I had all the allergy tests done as well as autoimmune but none of them presented any issues. My rheumatologist has concluded that it is blood capillaries swelling and flushing up to the skin. Did you manage to shed any more light on it since your post?" Histamine and Bradykinin can cause swelling. PGD2 can cause flushing. 1) Histamine in plasma or its metabolite in 24h urine N-Methylhistamine and 2) PGD2 (its metabolite 11-beta-PG F2 alpha is prefered)
  12. I would only show the table(s) under proposed diagnostic criteria and algorithms to your doctor like this one: Current provisional criteria to define mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS; modified from Afrin and Molderings 2014) The PMC full text link above that table brings you to the paper about treatments. They don't have time to read a paper so show the table instead. Diagnostic mediators can be explored, 11Beta-Prostaglandin F2 Alpha, 24h urine should be on top of your list regarding POTS: Evidence of Mast Cell Activation Disorder in Postural Tachycardia Syndrome Trypt
  13. MCAS can do that as well: MCAD
  14. I made this compilation in a different forum but might as well share this with the DINET forum since MCAD can be an underlying cause in a group of POTS patients. It can be useful to some members here. MCAD Diagnostic Testing, Mediators & Treatment Options Cheers
  15. I'm rarely active here on this forum in contrary to the poiscenter forum https://poiscenter.com/forums/index.php I saw your post and experiencing somewhat similar complaints. There is activty affecting my spine, especially the lower back. My spinal health is slowly deteriorating. I'm developing new autonomic problems as well like bladder control problems and urgencies to go to the toilet. Standing on my feet gives me a pressure build up in my spine and my legs get weak. Pressure is being relieved by bending forward in a certain position or laying down. I think mast cells are more frequent
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