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  1. Great tip, thanks. I'm hoping the fact that my daughter used to sing and play piano might get him to warm to her . We do actually want to look for the reason, she was diagnosed with POTS just over a year ago but no-one has felt it necessary to find the cause.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. We are hoping he can find a cause as her current POTS doctor will deal with POTS and nothing else, we also had a very bad experience with him at her last visit.
  3. Runnersmom, can I ask why you were disappointed?
  4. Hi Everyone, My daughter is going to see Dr. Chemali in Norfolk, VA in July. She has already been diagnosed with POTS but we would like to find out why she it, if that's at all possible. Has anyone seen him and, if so, what did you think? Thanks!
  5. My daughter is exactly the same, she can smell everything and some smells make her nauseous while others make it difficult for her to breathe. Smells from food, perfumes, paint and much more seem to bother her. She is also very sensitive to sounds and light. Sorry but, apart from avoidance, we haven't found anything that helps.
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