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  1. I don't tolerate Midodrine or Florinef so my cardiologist prescribed Sudafed for my drops in blood pressure.
  2. I have a lot of those symptoms. I have been diagnosed with POTS as well as migraine equivalent. The migraine equivalent causes my numbness in my hands, feet, and face as well as a weird pain/feeling behind my eyes. I think my neuro also said it can cause vertigo, eye issues, and nausea.
  3. I don't tolerate florinef or midodrine so my POTS doctor had my cardiologist prescribe pseudoephedrine to help raise my BP. It seems to raise it enough to keep me from having a syncope episode but not so much that I feel hypertensive (most people's normal range). It also allows me to take a beta blocker when my HR gets too high. Now it doesn't seem to be helping my allergies or running nose but I guess I can't get it all.
  4. It is fairly common for people to have trace to mild leakage with one or more vlaves. If it is not causing you symptoms don't worry about. Also the amount of leakage that is reported is sort of subjective depending on the person who reads the echo and the way you feel that day. I see a lot of scho reports are work and the amount of leakage reported can be all over the place depending on the doctor.
  5. My hands and feet (only generally on my left side) as well as my face are numb/tingling all the time. It has been like this for several years. It seems that my face is getting worse. It feels like I just had a tooth filled all the time. I am starting to bite my lip and cheeks when I talk or eat because I can't feel them. Went to the doctor when it first started and they did a MRI as well as an EMG test. All came back normal. The neurologist at the time put me on gabapentin which didn't help the numbness but did help me gain weight not that I wanted to. I am hoping to see a doctor soon and maybe get some relief for my face. I can live with the feet and hands. They don't really hurt and the numbness isn't bad. The doctors for QSART test didn't even test my bad side.
  6. Had an abnormal QSART this week due to my hands, face, and feet feeling numb and tingling all the time. The report says that the results are consistent with non length-dependent small fiber neuropathy affecting sudomotor function. I have not talked to the doctor yet. Doctors have put me on gabapentin in the past and that did nothing to help. Can someone give me an idea of what this means and the general treatment for it? Thank you
  7. They do test for the specific type especially if they think it will help in the treatment. My doctor was able to narrow it down to 2 types just by my symptoms and he would have treated them the same way so we didn't test any further. I am tired of being poked so I did not go that route. Since my POTS doctor also knows my cardiologist since they used to work together I only see the POTS doctor when I have stumped the cardiologist. It is nice having everything in one place but I work with the cardiac surgeons and they just want to crack my chest and fix the problem. Typical surgeons.
  8. The Autonomic clinic at Vandy is located in the Cardiology department. Robertson should be the doctor. When I had my initial appointment with Vandy I was sent a very large packet of paperwork to complete. At the appointment they did their general testing (I did mine the day of the appt before seeing my doctor) then after the doctor spoke to me he was able to decide if I needed anything in addition to what he already had. I am a little different than a normal patient here because I also work here and most of my medical records are here so the doctor didn't need much else from me. All test results will be call to you. Also once they see you, Vandy has a internet portal that you can sign up for so you can see the results yourself. Once you are in as a patient at the clinic it is a little easier to get in for any follow ups that you may need. Although it took me 4 months last time and I think I was an add on to the clinic. If you can go in as a research patient it works a little different because they will generally keep you for a week. If you have any questions you should call them. We are used to getting phone calls from the patients all the time. Depending on how busy they are you may have to leave a message but they will call you back.
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