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  1. @bellgirl . I've had dogs and cats my whole life. They are actually quite cute. They don't bond to you as quickly as bigger animals though. I assume it's because they are prey out in the wild though, that they are very skittish and scared. I think it's the cutest thing how they communicate with each other though. They love each other so much and I have to take them out together or the other will go crazy chirping and searching the cage for her friend. They're best friends and watching them cuddle and communicate is probably the most rewarding thing.
  2. We have a 1,000$ pet deposit where we live for dogs or cats and so I knew they were off the table until we oneday move to a different apartment. My husband knows I've been down about being sick all of the time though so about a month ago he surprised me with 2 guinea pigs. I never thought I'd be a guinea pig person but it's nice to have something to cuddle.
  3. You should add ADHD medicines to the list. I find adderall to help me considerably. Without it I sleep all day and am so fatigued and dizzy upon standing that I'm literally on bed rest all of the time and sleeping my life away. With it I'm still disabled but I'm able to stay away during the day and get out of bed and do things for limited amounts of time.
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