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I'm a 20 year old female living in Nashville, Tennessee. I have had a few minor symptoms of dysautonomia when I was a young adolescent but it was nothing major and since I also had an eating disorder at the time (from age 10-19) I ignored it. January 8th I got my first weird symptom that hinted something wasn't right and I continued to get more weird symptoms until the beginning of June when I got full blown sick and had to go on bed rest (since I didn't know what I had I didn't know this was bad for me.) The beginning of October 2013 my biological mother, an EMT, finally connected my symptoms to dysautonomia. It was a relief to be told it wasn't in my head after months of going to the hospital only to be told it was anxiety after the basic tests came back negative when I KNEW something was wrong with me. My husband and I looked up the symptoms and it fit me to a T, so we went to 2 doctors both confirming the dysautonomia theory. I haven't gotten individually diagnosed yet. We stuck with the second doctor who is great. We have been waiting on me to get health insurance to run a bunch of tests to find out what caused my dysautonomia and which particular form I have. I meet the symptoms of POTS perfectly, but my blood pressure and heart rate are so all over the place that I don't meet the diagnostic criteria. My blood pressure and heart rate are very unstable and never make sense. Until then I'm making life style changes and trying alternative treatments. My doctor tried midodrine which didn't work, although we notice the adderall I was prescribed for ADHD-Combined type helped me and so we increased it to 15mg 3x a day. Mainly I'm trying to recondition my body and noticed it's helping me stand longer on the days I do it. Just trying to navigate through the waves of dysautonomia and find a new life for myself.

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