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  1. I have been researching Dynamic Neural Retraining since seeing mention of it on a Facebook POTS site. I found a thread going back to 2011 on here, but with little content. DNR is a treatment system developed by Annie Hopper which focuses on retraining of the limbic system. I just wondered if anyone had tried the DVDs she offers or if anyone has had any success with her techniques? Many thanks
  2. I can run quite comfortably for 5-6 miles, but cannot stand for more than a few minutes or walk far at all. Slow walking is as bad as standing. For me the faster the better. I cannot slow walk. My kids are always running to keep up with my fast walk! I figured that running gets the blood pumping around the body faster. Strange how differently we are all affected.
  3. I would walk endlessly around clothes shops. I miss that so much. Online clothes shopping is no fun. I would stand and chat to people for hours and just enjoy the feeling of standing and talking without the need to search for somewhere to sit. I would take my boys to fun fares and not worry about queues. I would socialise without worry where to sit. A life without constant health worries . One day....
  4. Hi. I live in Oxford. Been diagnosed with Pots for 2years and symptomatic for 4 years. I met Prof Mathius for one appointment before he retired from NHS. Now seeing Dr Iodice from his team, although it feels like a lifetime between appointments. Never met anyone else with Pots, so I often have a read of this forum. Never posted before though x
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