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  1. bump my labs are confusing, at least I don't have lupus? c3c 70 (90-100) c4c 11 (16-47)ch50 36 (31-60) IMMUNOGLOBULINSigA 188 81-463igG 1076 694-1618igM 174 48-271 CYCLIC CITRULLINATED PEPTIDE (CCP) AB (IGG)<16ReferenceRange Negative: <20 WeakPositive: 20-39 ModeratePositive: 40-59 StrongPositive: >59ANA negativeRA Factor <14 <14=negativeCRP .3 <8.0
  2. thanks all! another quick question, are you charged for each TTT? it sounds like its common to get multiple tests and i have to pay 300 dollars each time AND my deductible is high......if i am going to have to pay this much, the ttt better be 10 minutes!! yeah see thinking about this drives me crazy. my heart rate was going up right as the ended the test? okay!
  3. what other tests would they do for small fiber other than qsart? does anyone here have small fiber but passed the qsart?
  4. fwiw they do not do this in jacksonville
  5. that's crazy about your feet! i think i have somehting much milder in my arms my feet were freezing before the test. they had to spend a few minutes warming them up first.
  6. Right but who has had a FIVE MINUTE TTT?
  7. ANOTHER QUESTION while im at it, my hand started cramping up really badly from the BP cuff going on and off, is that normal? it's happened at home too...
  8. this sounds ideal i cant imagine just testing at the start, 5, then 10 minute mark. that's goofy
  9. Thanks everyone. I feel better knowing that the 5 minute testing is uncommon and that many of you had to repeat the test! I had no idea there was so much variation in testing, jeeze yes 32 beats at the 5 minute mark (who knows what it would've been at 6..7..etc) then they lowered me back down, saying it was over. there was no reason to quit, it's like they didn't administer the test properly. the report says "heart rate response was appropriate". what?
  10. i also drank water an hr or 2 before the test
  11. Hello All, I need some advice. I took off work to go to the Mayo Clinic at Jacksonville Fl for a POTs diagnosis. I should've paid more attention, but I mean, it's Mayo clinic! Anyways, my blood pressure was elevated for me..due to stress (i drank a lot of caffeine the day before too) and I was walking around quite a bit.. I could tell it was elevated because I felt a lot more *alert* than usual. They administered the TTT but it was only for 5 minutes. So 2 days later, after I'm already home, they call and say the test should've been administered for 10 minutes. My hr only went from 76 to
  12. my hands say you! this would take me awhile to google, ow
  13. complex regional pain syndrome
  14. hello, so ive had a rheum and a neuro suggest i have small fiber neuropathy (without running any tests) and a pt who believed i have crps what would be the difference between the two? could sfn be the result of crps? thanks!
  15. my neuro tested my hr/bp supine and standing 2 minutes after i had walked in from the waiting room and he said it was normal. don't i have to be lying down for a bit? i have eds and ive fainted before so there's really no questioning my dysautonomia but i was just curious... for anyone with neuropathy, i learned this..its interesting: http://dujs.dartmouth.edu/news/why-do-our-fingers-get-pruney#.UrIUOuIueZo "In the 1930s, however, researchers realized that patients with fingertip nerve damage failed to experience the same pruney effects (1). It has since become apparent that the wrinkling of
  16. Does this affect Aetna? TTT is so basic!! Thats ridiculous!!
  17. good suggestions i was playing around with eye shadow around the time that my eyes completely freaked out and my eyes never recovered. i think the only eye makeup i can wear now is eyeliner. anything powdery is a huge no no.
  18. Magnesium can make me feel worse, i take 800-1000 mgs a day tho Caffeine feels awesome til i crash!
  19. Voted. huge issue for me, chest has a constant tooth ache My co2 is always very low for whatever reason
  20. i have heds and low inflammation too, but im in major pain 24/7 and have been non stop for the last 5 years
  21. does health insurance cover plugs? i used restasis for six months, helped me a little bit i wonder if my dry eyes are related to dys too, i tested negative for sjogren's
  22. oh yeah that sounds just like me, GREAT. even if my hands weren't numb it sounds like i should get an upright mri while i have good health benefits. the neuro did some test where he held my head up with his hands and he kept saying okay, now relax your neck. HUH? no no, relax it. and then i did and heard all kinds of gross cracking noises.
  23. here's my history. i dont expect anyone to sit around and read this but feel free, im just trying to remember everything i did. i always issues but experienced a huge decline at age 24...... 2007—My only documented syncope episode. I drank an espresso shot before a class at the zoo, then stood around outside in the heat at 9 am. I fainted and the nurse wanted to call the ER because my bp was so low but I talked her out of it. I feel extremely panicky standing in lines, riding the train, etc but I brush it off as an anxiety disorder. Late 2009-- I developed pink eye in both eyes and I tho
  24. no i did not get a flu shot when this occurred, but i used to..now im very anti-flu shot. i read a lot about brachial neuritis, which can happen from a flu shot because i have all of the symptoms. my shoulderblades wing too, especially my right shoulder. ive gotten tingling in my feet and along my spine. if i irritate one area, like say my lower back, which happens when i do pilates, my fingers tingle. i agree there's a reason for it when i walk in the morning and swing my left arm, my hands tingle. it drives me nuts. do your fingers feel tired? i have to use a chiclet type keyboa
  25. hi zebra, no i have not had one but ive heard theyre useful in eds! was it hard to get? im in atlanta and nobody even knows about eds here. do you feel a difference between supine and upright? i will have to google "lateral medullary syndrome". ive read about chiari and how it can make your hands numb, which freaked me out. but i also read that people who have it/or disc compression (?) cannot do the valsalva maneuver without exacerbating their sx. do you know if this is true? when i do the valsalva it makes my ears pop, feels good because they're always clogged up..i guess from tmj. i
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