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  1. bump my labs are confusing, at least I don't have lupus? c3c 70 (90-100) c4c 11 (16-47)ch50 36 (31-60) IMMUNOGLOBULINSigA 188 81-463igG 1076 694-1618igM 174 48-271 CYCLIC CITRULLINATED PEPTIDE (CCP) AB (IGG)<16ReferenceRange Negative: <20 WeakPositive: 20-39 ModeratePositive: 40-59 StrongPositive: >59ANA negativeRA Factor <14 <14=negativeCRP .3 <8.0
  2. Magnesium can make me feel worse, i take 800-1000 mgs a day tho Caffeine feels awesome til i crash!
  3. Voted. huge issue for me, chest has a constant tooth ache My co2 is always very low for whatever reason
  4. 5'8 110. Female people have always commented on my weight, and it upset me, but when i think about it..the only person i should listen to is my mom. both my parents were rail thin. i just want muscle at this point to hold my joints in place.
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