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  1. those of you who feel better on antibiotics have you ruled out Lyme disease?


    On 30/08/2016 at 3:45 AM, TCP said:

    I've read that if you have Mast Cell Activation issues with POTS, then taking antibiotics will improve the histamine problem, which could be at the root of all of the issues. 

    I thought it would be quite the other way around. My mast cell issues started after a few weeks of antibiotics. 

  2. On 22/07/2016 at 2:54 PM, Sylvie33 said:

    A concern about Mestinon is that some people do not have the gene to metabolize it and it then causes acute neurological symptoms.... including peripheral neuropathy.

    All American service people serving in the Middle East were given this drug prophylactically to guard against nerve damage from toxins.  All 100,000+ victims of Gulf War Disease were found to lack the gene, where no veterans with this gene had GWD!

    Took decades of research with a concerted infusion of funds to determine this.  So, be cautious. Also think about what a similar effort might do for the understanding and treatment of dysautonomia.

    what gene is that?

  3. isn't the Northera supposed to be for those with orthostatic intolerance? My doctor said that it won't work for pots, but for those diagnosed with low standing blood pressure, or whatever they call it, or for those who faint.The catch is that it may increase the blood pressure when you lie down. I thought the FDA had already approved this medication...

  4. they put dyes in because people took the wrong pill by mistake back when all pills were the same size, shape and colour so now it's easier to know what pill you take by its size, shape and colour nowadays, most times anyways

    it ***** if you have a reaction to the dye tho

    that's what my pharmacist told me and it made sense to me

  5. I am going to read all the pages in this post but can someone tell me how you get tested for this protozoa?

    Aren't antibiotics bad if you take them for such a long time? I don't think my doctor would be willing to write me a scipt for 2 years of antibiotics but I am curious. How can the antibiotics help pots? Also why would you need to take them for years?


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