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  1. I would focus less on the numbers. Do you feel better on florinef than off it? If you don't perhaps it's not the right med for you Midodrine or droxidopa can be alternatives, they can both raise your BP but they have different mechanisms of action than florinef
  2. my TTT on florinef was negative so if you want reliable results you should talk to your dr about weaning off prior to the test the diagnosis criteria, I really don't know how strict drs are. My HR always increases when I stand and stays elevated until I sit or lie down.
  3. am I the only one who gets extremely constipated when drinking peppermint tea?
  4. looneymom may be able to help you with this she mentioned the cunningham panel in an older post
  5. isn't that clinic run by an eye doctor? also I heard they don't take any insurance.
  6. yep.imo don't waste your $ on hemp cbd
  7. those of you who feel better on antibiotics have you ruled out Lyme disease? I thought it would be quite the other way around. My mast cell issues started after a few weeks of antibiotics.
  8. Dr. Kenneth Bergmann & Dr. Vanessa Hinson Department of Neurology Medical University of South Carolina 96 Jonathan Lucas St., Suite 307 Charleston, SC 29425 843 ­792­ 3221
  9. beta blockers are known to deplete your melatonin and insomnia is a common side effect
  10. couldn't tolerate them. I had really crazy symptoms on celexa and effexor. High bpm, derealization, insomnia, ect It was also hard to come off them.
  11. I didn't know pots is a new condition, or that it has no cause. I guess my doctors have it wrong. Tx for posting. K
  12. placebo effect or whatever you wish to call it, magnesium works like a charm for my chest pain 200g of maggie and most times my chest pain goes away in about half an hour
  13. were u nervous when they drew blood? perhaps that's why ur catechalomine was high
  14. isn't the Northera supposed to be for those with orthostatic intolerance? My doctor said that it won't work for pots, but for those diagnosed with low standing blood pressure, or whatever they call it, or for those who faint.The catch is that it may increase the blood pressure when you lie down. I thought the FDA had already approved this medication...
  15. they put dyes in because people took the wrong pill by mistake back when all pills were the same size, shape and colour so now it's easier to know what pill you take by its size, shape and colour nowadays, most times anyways it ***** if you have a reaction to the dye tho that's what my pharmacist told me and it made sense to me
  16. @lfreem02: my doctor wants me to take klonapin, how does it help you? I read a lot of bad stuff about it and I'm scared to try it :/
  17. turmeric is also a good herb for inflammation and more. Are you diagnosed with Lyme Rachel?
  18. I drink something I call my adrenal coktail. A friend shared the recipe with me: I mix 1/4 tbsp sea salt or pink Himalayan salt with 1/4 tbsp cream of tartar and a cup of orange juice twice a day.
  19. @ blobbydodger - your welcome, I don't know much about this either, so I don't know about tramadol or lustral @ kJay, I tested negative for hyperpots. My norepi levels were normal but low, so I was told that I didn't meet the hyperpots criteria. My blood press doesn't increase when I stand, only my heart rate does
  20. I was tested for hyperpots during my tilt test, and was told it was common practice. They drew blood to check for my catecholamines first while laying down and then after the table was tilted. Two birds, one stone. Cheers, K
  21. I am going to read all the pages in this post but can someone tell me how you get tested for this protozoa? Aren't antibiotics bad if you take them for such a long time? I don't think my doctor would be willing to write me a scipt for 2 years of antibiotics but I am curious. How can the antibiotics help pots? Also why would you need to take them for years? Krys
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